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4 caractéristiques de la mode gothique

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4 interesting characteristics of gothic fashion

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Are you attracted to Gothic fashion or simply want to learn more about this trend? In this article we will present to you 4 main characteristics of gothic fashion.

1) It satisfies the dark soul of the goth

You should know that gothic fashion generally presents itself in a homogeneous style and is worn by women and men in gothic society. This particular, non-conformist fashion is characterized by black clothing, dark lips and dyed black hair. Also, members usually put black nail polish on their fingers and black eyeliner on their eyes. This is the best way to satisfy their dark, dark soul. Some of them borrow Victorian, Elizabethan and punk styles to satisfy their emotions. Additionally, gothic fashion was incorporated with dark metal themes.

2) The origin of the gothic subculture

The gothic subculture began to exist in the region of England in the early 1980s. It is believed to be held by followers of gothic rock. However, the term "gothic" originates from the musical genre, and prominent post-punk bands have attempted to shape and develop the goth subculture. The Cure, Bauhaus, Joy Division, The Siouxsie and the Banshees are among the best known groups. Gothic fashion has existed for centuries and has continued to emerge in contemporary societies. Its cultural and imagery leanings have spread to different parts of the world and tend to influence horror films and literature. In Western Europe, this fashion is centered on nightclubs and music festivals.

3) Gothic comes in several variations

Another fact is that there is not a single categorized style in gothic fashion. There are several ranges of variations including: traditional, cybergoth, aristocrat, lolita goth, high goth and deathrock goth. Your choice depends on your emotions, your sense of style and your tastes. If you like classic horror films and gothic music, you belong to the Deathrock category. The Haute Goth category reflects the Leatherman style and the tragic black dress.

Gothic Lolita fashion combines Lolita and Gothic themes. For Aristocrats, it's Japanese street style inspired by Victorian fashion and traditional Gothic. Cybergoth originated in America and reflects classic fashion like demon boots , Tripp stockings, leather coats and feather duster pants. Finally, conventional gothic fashion relies on a dark aesthetic that reflects the original, classic style of gothic.

4) She does not tolerate warm colors

Gothic fashion values ​​aristocratic and cold standards. Goths define themselves as “children of the night”. The fact is that they don't like flamboyant or pastel colors. They also don't like sunbathing to maintain their complexion. They prefer to wear white metal jewelry like white gold, silver or opt for cheap metal alloys. The white color reflects the deadly cold light of the moon. Besides, it is difficult to notice precious stones in their Gothic collections. When it comes to color, they show that the gemstones are not suitable for their gothic appearance.


Now that you know a little more about gothic fashion and you have the codes to choose your look, come and discover all gothic clothing and accessories in our online store . And if you know of other characteristics, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!

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