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Gothic Skirt

Explore our wide collection of skirts perfect for every mood - we have flirty mini skirts, midi pencil skirts that can go from office to nightclub in a matter of hours and maxi length skirts that make a killer statement!


Discover our pretty gothic skirts at low prices. Gothic fashion is the culmination of everything romantic and mysterious. She is known for being conspicuously dark and old-fashioned. However, there have been a lot of changes in goth culture and fashion, allowing a little more freedom in skirts and clothing. Most options are found in a range of shades of black and stunning blues, burgundies, purples and grays. This limited palette may seem restrictive when searching for the perfect skirt, but that couldn't be further from the truth. There are many different shapes and styles that lend themselves well to each subculture.

While you'll find long skirts with bustiers for your more traditional goth fashion , there are other facets of goth fashion , like pastel clothing and industrial goth, that call for different colors and the addition of flourishes or embellishments. embellishments.


Skater – Also known as a circle skirt, skaters are designed by attaching fabric at the waist. The attached fabric is what sits on the waist of the person wearing it. They are ideal for any active outdoor outfit and can be paired with sexy bodysuits, tank tops and denim jackets.

High Waist – This type is characterized by a high waist. Unlike the skater, the high waisted skirt can be designed in many ways, from those with flat bands to those with elastic bands. It goes perfectly with a fitted shirt tucked into the body and a pair of sneakers.

Mini Skirt – As the name suggests, this is a short skirt. While most are traditionally fitted, you will also find some with circular or flared designs. Paired correctly, they are perfect for casual looks.

Pleats – They are a wardrobe staple with varying lengths and sizes of pleats. The pleats are designed in such a way that they follow a particular pattern which makes them uniform. The advantage of this option is that you do not need to iron the wrinkles after washing. This is because they are usually made from synthetic fabrics that are permanently pressed.

Wrap Skirts – As the name suggests, wrap skirts wrap around your figure. They also have ties or buttons that attach to the waist. They come in a variety of lengths, sizes and designs that can suit any occasion.

Pencil Skirts – These have become very fashionable office wear for women in the corporate world. They are designed in such a way that the fabric is cut to a specific length which forms a triangular shape when laid flat. While most of them are made from a stretchy fabric, you'll find others with slits on the sides or even the back that make walking more comfortable.


You will have understood, the gothic skirt is timeless and even irreplaceable. Over the years, it has carved out a place for itself in our wardrobe and is not ready to give it up. Today, she is able to offer a whole bunch of downright hot models to give us the most deadly feminine look.

Now if you want to push your feminine look towards an even more gothic, more punk rock style, you know what you have to do: dark makeup, jewelry and accessories of all kinds such as chokers or piercings and tattoos! One thing is certain, with the gothic skirt, whether short, long or mid-length, you will combine your feminine nature and then your beloved style in a comfortable and casual outfit. All this makes it the perfect fashion piece that every woman should carefully stack in her wardrobe!

To accompany your skirt, what's better than a good gothic coat to keep us warm in winter.