5 accessoires vestimentaires indispensables pour ce Noël

5 essential clothing accessories for this Christmas

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Christmas is everywhere - on our televisions, on the decorations in the streets. Everyone's thinking about getting poured wine and having a bonfire, when all you really want is to fill your wardrobe with goth clothes and dark Christmas makeup. So how do you celebrate Christmas the Gothic way? Here are five must-have gothic clothes for this Christmas. So sit back, grab a cup of wine and read our guide.

1. Corsets

The Victorian era inspires gothic clothing. Corsets are a great way to define your body, whilst looking pretty and stylish at Christmas. The corsets we wear today don't look like those from the Victorian era, but people still love them. Corsets can still be a perfect addition to your gothic wardrobe, even if your corsets aren't made of steel bones or boning. It would be best if you had a corset, so buy at least two.

gothic corset

2. Skirts

You must have at least one long black skirt in your gothic wardrobe when you think about dressing gothic for Christmas. Not all gothic clothing is designed to make you look like a royal princess. You can get skirts to match your hangers and corset. Pencil skirts are also very common; you can wear boots, as well as high heels with it.

Gothic Skirt

3. Boots

Boots are also an essential part of gothic fashion. No Goth owns at least one pair of boots, whether you choose a Victorian-inspired look or a more industrial Goth look. Heeled boots, flat boots or platform boots are perfect accessories for any occasion, and your gothic look will benefit from it.

gothic boot

4. Lace

Lace is classic, it's Victorian, and it's a fashion staple for vampires. It is obligatory to obtain red, purple or black lace. Lace prints count too, when you find a lace print hold on tight, sometimes they look better than real lace.

5. Skulls and skeletons

In the 19th century, people wore skull-shaped jewelry when they were grieving. Goths therefore follow the traditions and customs of that era as they have their roots in the Victorian era. Goths wear skulls on their clothes because one day we are going to die. The skull and skull skeleton will make you stand out and add some spice to your look this Christmas.

skull and skeleton

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