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5 conseils essentiels pour rester fidèle à votre style gothique en voyage

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5 Essential Tips for Staying True to Your Gothic Style While Traveling

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A Gothic is an individual who is passionate about the dark world. Nonetheless, they explore a diverse lifestyle, including; Gothic Lolitas and futuristic cyber girls . Additionally, Goths are interested in certain musical genres and aesthetics, including horror, Victorian , industrial , and darkwave . Keep reading for tips on how to maintain your look and stay true to your goth style while traveling.

Scary Baggage

You might think a goth would always opt for bags dark and simple on a journey to another destination. However, black is common in many travel accessories . Thus, it is unwise to use black luggage as it will not make you stand out from the crowd. To reflect your Gothic look , be sure to opt for travel bags with spooky features and shapes. For example, you can opt for gothic rivet backpacks or gothic bat-shaped backpacks. If you don't have the right accessories, you can add dark stickers or charms to make them Gothic.

'Health Goth' Outfits

Sportswear and swimwear have been around for decades. Currently, you can find unconventional prints and designs that reflect a Gothic personality. Another thing, there is a wide range of swimsuits available in the market. Swimwear includes bikinis designed with skulls and pentagrams , as well as other gothic motifs and symbols.

Outfit for Special Occasions

Goths love to show off their fashion sense for special occasions such as the opera or fancy dinners. Make sure you think outside the box. You have no reason to go for the all-black Gothic stereotype; however, play with textures and colors on a night out. Leather, lace, blood red and dark purple allow you to reflect deadly glamour.

Dark and Luxurious Accessories

Make sure you invest in the best gothic jewelry . Also avoid costume items similar to those at a Halloween store. Look for high-quality white gold or silver jewelry decorated with crosses , snakes , and skeletons . There are several accessories , including leather decorated with snake heads and a gothic biker bracelet . It's essential to stay true to your gothic style and opt for something comfortable.

Airport Style

As a traveler, it is essential to dress comfortably. We recommend wearing something more casually fashionable than leggings or black sweatpants . So, look for comfortable clothes and other morbid clothes. You can target the Halloween season to stock up on gothic clothing . The most important thing is to wear comfortable clothing; for example, some people prefer to opt for body jewelry while others do not wear jewelry as they find it cumbersome.


Exploring different places and cultures around the world doesn't mean you shouldn't stay true to your goth style. The important thing is to be creative, and you will find the most suitable item for all circumstances at Gothic lair . Take into account the tips highlighted above and we invite you to visit our store to discover all the Gothic collections .

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