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5 idées de tenues gothiques pour le printemps

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5 gothic outfit ideas for spring

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Here are five goth outfit ideas for spring to help you maintain your goth style even when temperatures start to rise and bright colors take over nature.

Lolita Dresses

The Gothic Lolita dress is the garment you need to be sure. Adorned with ruffles, with its little puffed sleeves, you will have the look of a pretty tulip blooming. Pair with the right hair and makeup, and you'll achieve an edgy and dramatic goth look . The best part is that it comes in different shapes, sizes and materials. Try pairing the black Lolita dress with tights and appropriate shoes, and see how far it takes you!


Gothic boots are an essential element of the Gothic style , they never go out of style. You can even wear them all year round if you know how. Right now it's spring, so you can experiment with the color and design of the boots . And why not this season change your style and trade in your boots for, for example, gothic heeled shoes or good old Creepers .

Tights and leggings

If the weather is a little too warm for leather, then it's the perfect time for tights and leggings . After all, it's hot out, so now's the time to try pairing some of the coolest gothic lolita tights with your black gothic skirts . Experiment with as many designs and colors as possible: green, purple and red versus hearts, polka dots and bows.

Graphic t-shirts

Put on wide t-shirts or gothic crop tops with graphic patterns. For example, you will never go wrong with a gothic rock streetwear t-shirt with a somewhat humorous design while keeping the dark side of gothic or even with a gothic wednesday t-shirt which will transport you to the world of the adams family with a touch of fun. The gothic grunge crop top will also have an effect with its offbeat dark humor.

Skull jewelry and accessories

You can't have a total gothic look without some skull-shaped jewelry and gothic accessories ? Whether it's pendants , bracelets or necklaces, spring is the ideal season to show them off, so let yourself go! And don't forget, goths are sun sensitive, so now's the time to opt for some great sunglasses and hats .


So ! These are some gothic outfits and accessories to wear in spring. Spring doesn't have to be hard on your gothic style . Try some of these ideas and get your goth groove back! Check out our store today to shop goth clothing and accessories to keep your vibe going and look classy all spring season long. An incredible experience awaits you!

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