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5 raisons de devenir gothique cet été

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5 reasons to go goth this summer

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The Gothic style was born from a need to explore the limits of life without conforming to social trends. In the early 1980s, it took off and became one of the hottest alternative fashion styles in the world.

But enough of the history lessons. It's summer, and you're probably wondering what being goth has to do with summer. After all, gothic fashion is often dark and mysterious, and it's mostly associated with winter and fall.

You are right. But on the contrary, summer is a great time to go goth. Here's why :

1) Explore the limits of fashion

The goth subculture is more than just a way of thinking that uses dark clothing, crazy hairstyles, and cheeky mascara. This is a calculated defiance of socially accepted fashion norms. Summer is associated with a turbulent spirit that is full of energy and ready for adventure. So when shopping for summer clothes, try to go for items that lean towards the alternative and are different from the ordinary.

2) Dare to be different


We all have a part of us that wants to break away from the norms and trends of society. Gothic fashion allows you to explore this side of your personality. Going against the grain isn't so bad as long as you're not being deviant or destructive. And how can you rejoice in being one of a kind other than through your clothing style? Make this summer an opportunity to celebrate your individuality.

3) You have the opportunity to stand out


People are used to the brightest clothes and accessories during summer. Dressing up in gothic summer outfits is sure to turn heads wherever you are. Imagine wearing skull-shaped jewelry on clothing that mixes black, neon and pastel colors. Or maybe you opt for taxidermy jewelry over a black feather skirt (if you're a girl), oversized purple sunglasses, and steampunk accessories when you leave the house to hang out with your friends.

4) Be a part of something bigger than yourself

You can take advantage of this summer to get involved in a movement that aims to challenge social norms. No matter what type of gothic fashion you choose, you'll be making a fashion statement that will give voice to a movement that has been around for decades.

5) Try something new


Aren't you tired of wearing the same clothes summer after summer? Gothic lets you do something different this year. If not for anything, it's for the pleasure of trying something different.

Treat yourself

We all need a breath of fresh air, and summer provides just that. Best of all, exploring Gothic style is a great way to get into the adventurous spirit of summer. Visit our online store today to stock up on gothic clothing, jewelry and accessories for your summer wardrobe. A fantastic experience awaits you.

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