5 styles Gothiques pour femmes

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5 gothic styles to adopt!

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Do you want to explore your dark side? Why not swap your plain, brightly colored outfits for more daring outfits, or better yet, party with a goth look! Gothic outfits are commonly known for their dark, outdated and vague characteristics. Gothic fashion is typically characterized by dark outfits, dark lipsticks, nail polish, eyeliner, and dark hair. Gothic fashion has always been in vogue as some celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Manson have explored their dark sides with this style of clothing. You too can achieve that gothic look. Here are five gothic outfits you can wear to a party.

1) Victorian Gothic

The Victorian Gothic style is popularly known for its elegance, luxurious and graceful appearance. It involves beautiful lace clothes, elegant hairstyles and corsets. Victorian Goths aim to look like the rich with their grand ball gowns. If you want to look elegant, you can fulfill your desires with the Victorian Gothic outfit and tidy up your looks with long gloves and jewelry.

2) Gothic-Lolita 

Who said you can't be fashionable when you dress like an innocent girl? “Lolita”, popular among the Japanese, refers to a young woman. A touch of innocence combined with dark fashion gives you the Gothic Lolita look. You can wear this style to a party if your intention is to draw attention to youth and innocence. 

3) Gothic Fetish 

If you are a fan of fitted leather and latex outfits, you can wear this outfit. Fetish Goths express their choices and sexuality through their dress, choice of music, and behavior. If you feel the need to explore your inner self, dress like a fetish goth and finish your look with corsets, choker necklaces, bracelets, knee high boots and fishnets. 

4) Steampunk 

Steampunk is a combination of elegant classic medieval fabrics and dystopian materials. Rather, it is feathered coats fused with bronze accessories. A typical Steampunk outfit includes large dresses, long skirts, pants and jackets with boots, hats, corsets and gloves. These outfits can be adorned with copper, cogs, bronze materials, and wires. If you like to combine Victorian literature and science fiction to create fantasies, then you can wear this outfit. Finish this outfit with smoky makeup, like a Victorian goth. 

5) Cybergoth 

If you like the wild appearance, you can adopt the Cyber ​​Goth outfit. Cyber ​​Goths are easily recognizable by their neon-colored outfits, chains, piercings, voluminous hair, tattoos, dreadlocks, glasses and gas masks. They are a little more extreme in their fashion choices. They like to combine neon colors with other bright colors like green, orange, blue and purple. Cyber ​​Goths prefer loud makeup and use eyeliners to draw patterns on their eyes, but not all the time. You can wear this look at a party if you like to stand out from the crowd. 


There it's done! Here are some ideas for great gothic party outfits for women. Gothic outfits aren't as scary as they seem. You can get a creative gothic party outfit and have fun wearing what you like. Visit our online store today to choose an outfit

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