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6 façons de réaliser une décoration intérieure d'inspiration gothique

6 ways to achieve gothic-inspired interior design

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When people hear about gothic, their minds go to dark, haunted, and sinister images. Gothic houses arise from these perceptions. Gothic-inspired home decor is an architectural development that dates back to the 1970s. It is a decoration that has found its way into the modern era.

Gothic-inspired interior decoration
The Gothic house features ornate and exotic elements. If you want an elegant home with opulent details, opt for Gothic-inspired decor. To achieve this type of decoration, there are a few steps to follow. Keep reading this article to find out.

1 - Lancet windows

Lantern windows are an integral part of Gothic homes. They are tall, narrow and mainly made up of stained glass windows. We find this architectural motif in churches and medieval houses. These are antique windows that evoke a gothic ambiance when installed in your home. This is an amazing piece of art installed

Lancet windows

2- Add lighting using candles

You must have seen old castles in movies. What is their main source of indoor lighting? Candles are the source of lighting. Heavy carved wood or wrought iron candlesticks are used to add light, elegance and a Victorian touch to rooms. Consider getting creative with this lighting method. Consider placing a wrought iron chandelier in your entryway or placing well-carved lamps on the side table.

lighting with candles

3- Colors

When it comes to choosing which color to add to your home to give it a gothic look, black is the preferable choice. Although black is a good idea for gothic-themed decor, overusing it can make your home look dark and haunted. Find a rich, elegant dark color that makes your home look attractive and welcoming. Keep the dark color balanced with furniture and brick materials of different color shades.

gothic house

4- Fabrics

High-quality fabrics are an inseparable element of any Gothic home. The overall impression they give is one of elegance and grandeur. When choosing fabrics to decorate your home, opt for satin, silk and velvet for a gothic touch. Silk or velvet are good for curtains, while satin works well for bed and pillows.

gothic fabric

5- Moldings

If you want to add elegance and texture to your Gothic home, consider opting for moldings. A good example is to have molded panels on the walls. Moldings are amazing for Gothic homes because they enhance the complexity of the home.

6- Draperies

The type of drapery you use for your home determines its Gothic character. For a house with Gothic decor, it is recommended to opt for long and heavy draperies. Indeed, they create a grandiose and sophisticated atmosphere, a characteristic often found in Gothic homes.

gothic interior

And that's it, it's done! Above you will find some tips for creating a Gothic-inspired decoration. If you want a home with opulent elegance, gothic decor may be ideal for you. Luckily, the Gothic-inspired decorating tips mentioned above can help you achieve just that. Check out our Gothic decor selection to find the best in unique or personalized decor items and accessories. A wonderful experience awaits you!

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