Accessoires gothiques dont votre copine sera folle

Gothic accessories your girlfriend will be crazy about

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Those who identify as lovers of gothic jewelry, here is our little guided tour through gothic accessories for girls from L'Antre Gothique.


The ring is the most versatile and popular accessory for both men and women. It will become an embellishment of a strong man's hand and add a certain grandeur to a lady's look. We have tried our best to provide premium quality handmade gothic rings to meet every person's needs.

In this gothic claw ring we reflected the love of dragons, which has become as strong as in the days of Game of Thrones. The ring conveys the essence of a dragon, its power, strength, wild nature and beauty. These magnificent creatures fascinate and fascinate. But sometimes they bring chaos, destruction and death with their burning flame, merciless fangs and sharp claws. If you want to ooze cool attitude mixed with beauty, then this ring is the right choice.

Another great option for your fingers is this Japanese Koi ring . These colorful fish are not only easy on the eyes, they are also a personification of strength, persistence and loyalty. To find food and mate, they must swim upstream from cold, turbulent waters. People admired these sturdy little creatures because they never stop achieving their goal. There is even a beautiful legend according to which these koi carp which could reach the head of the river would transform into a dragon. If you consider yourself an active, confident and strong woman, this ring will reflect your best qualities. One more reason to buy such a ring is that koi fish symbolize family bonds , love and loyalty . If you have a life partner, it is a good idea to give them the same koi ring (especially, this particular ring since it is adjustable).

The rose is one of the oldest images of beauty and divine harmony. Its petals represent an infinite number of worlds that unfold from a center and create a circle, a perfect shape. The disparate elements of the world are united into a whole, where there is nothing unworthy or useless. Thanks to this interpretation that is both mystical and sacred, this flower is a frequent guest in Gothic ornaments. The Gothic Den could not ignore the beauty and meaning of a rose either. Deeply carved petals accented with blackening frame a red garnet as a symbol of hidden treasure, harmony and peace.

Gothic Necklace

Gothic jewelry has always been about sophistication, intricate details and massive shapes. This crown collar controls all boxes. Cast in sterling silver, it assembles a series of small crowns that hold a massive crown with a fleur-de-lis pendant. Royal luxury is no dream with this fabulous piece. The crown and fleur-de-lis, also known as the royal lily, are symbols of royal exclusivity that connect kings to higher powers. You may not be a queen, not even from a noble family, but you can afford to look exceptional with this great accessory.

You don't have to be tall to look chic. Sometimes simple accessories do a better job of lager than living pieces. A discreet silver chain or black leather cord paired with a pretty pendant will significantly enhance your look without overwhelming it with additional details. For example, this silver Phoenix pendant will become a joy for a strong woman who will never fall to her knees no matter what. As a symbol of resurrection , Phoenix can signify difficulties you have had in the past that you have successfully overcome. It can become a reminder of your past because whoever forgets history will have to repeat it again. No matter how much it hurt in the past, you had the power to get over it. Basically, you can put any meaning you want into Phoenix. Plus, this pendant is simply stunning.

If someone has stolen your heart, you can show it with this ingeniously designed Lock and Key pendant . It really is a lock and key. When the key is placed in the lock, you can display it in one piece. But if you want your loved one to know your love, give them the key. Let him have the key to your heart while you keep the lock for yourself. The key and lock are decorated with gothic crowns that stand out against the polished metal thanks to the blackening.


An elegant lady will need an elegant bracelet. This floral link bracelet composed of a dozen lily-cut links demonstrates your femininity and meticulous taste. You don't need any other accessory than this statement bracelet to attract attention wherever you go. Just pair it with a little black dress and people won't be able to take their eyes off you. They will appreciate the soft lines of these tiny lilies and their sparkle. And you'll appreciate the fine details that aren't visible at first glance, like the dragon scale clasp ring or the crown-adorned T-bar.


Cute, adorable and pretty, you can't resist these cat earrings. They will suit an independent woman who knows what she wants in life and knows how to achieve it. After observing the cat's behavior, you can see that it symbolizes aristocracy, femininity and refinement. You will not find a single cat who would not behave majestically and even royally. This is exactly the animal that loves itself and demands the same from others. A cat cast in lucky silver. Do you want to change your life? Get silver jewelry featuring cats! Even if these earrings do not transform your life, they will make your image more elegant and fashionable.

Dear ladies, if you are looking for silver jewelry with a Gothic look, L'Antre Gothique can become your hunting ground. Our products are handcrafted in sterling silver so you can enjoy your ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings for as long as you have them.

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