Choses à porter avec des leggings en cuir imprimé de crâne

Things to Wear with Leather Leggings

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Skull print leggings have been in style for decades. They're flattering, comfortable, and stylish, but at some point, some of us might wonder what to wear with these leggings. If you're wondering what to wear with skull leather leggings, we're here to help. Read on to get outfit ideas for gothic l eggings .

1- Sophisticated for the office

We don't always know what to wear with leather leggings if we are going to the office. Pair your leather leggings with a sleek jacket and soft blouse to make them look office appropriate. The jacket with the Leggings makes it feel like a traditional piece of clothing, while the sweater gives a fashionable and trendy look. This outfit would be great for a normal day at the office.

2- Balance everything

You should aim for balance in your appearance, whether you want to be casual, professional or sophisticated. Remember, skull leathers bring a certain "roughness" and texture to whatever you pair them with, so be sure to wear something soft with light colors to balance out the rough edges. You can try mixing different textures of clothes to give softness to your outfits. Choosing fresh colors for the rest of your ensemble is a better way to balance your clothing while staying on-trend.

3- Casual for a coffee date

Leather leggings are perfect for casual activities, like going to the movies or grabbing coffee. They also keep you comfortable like regular leggings, but you'll feel just as warm as comfy sweatpants or jeans. Leather leggings with an oversized sweatshirt are best suited. It's perfect for winter and fall fashion, but also for transitions into spring.

4- Accessories for the look

Matching the best shoe with the leather leggings on your skull can sometimes be confusing. Leather boots are out of style because you already have a ton of crappy leather, as fake leather and too much leather can clash. Suede boots work best with leather leggings on your skull. Suede material is soft and can counteract smooth leather.

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