Comment avoir l'air d'un gothique du pastel

How to look like a pastel goth

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When we think of Gothic culture and style, we think of darkness and moods. When we think of pastel shades, we think of femininity and lightness. So it's hard to imagine the two coming together to form a single style. Pastel goth, also called "goth lite" and "new goth", is a relatively new trend, which seems to have held its own. This style involves taking the essential elements of gothic style and adding hair, clothing and makeup colors in pastel tones. However, if you've always wanted to be a pastel goth, we'll walk you through the steps to get there.

1- The closet

Going through your closet and deciding which items will work and which won't is a crucial step when it comes to choosing clothes that go with your pastel goth style. Denim jeans and skinny jeans in black or lighter shades can be a great piece to create a pastel goth ensemble. A pair of black leather jackets or boots is a great item to have in your wardrobe or opt for a vintage suit .

2- Hair

There are no major rules for choosing hairstyles that go with a pastel gothic aesthetic. Be creative with your hair! Choose colors like lavender, mint green, light pink and baby blue. Some opt for darker purples and royal blues, and these are also very trendy. You can make your hair short or long. You can also try wigs and get a great pastel gothic look if you want to change your hairstyle.

3- Makeup

Pastel goth women have different approaches to their makeup looks. Black or purple lipsticks with strongly lined unibrows, thick false eyelashes and heavy eyeliners are an acceptable touch of gothic makeup if one wants to achieve a more feminine look. Some people match their eyebrows to the color of their eye shadow, others match their eye shadow to the color of their hair. You don't need to go to the makeup store in the mall, pick out a few eyeshadow colors in pastel shades and play around with them before deciding what is perfect for your face.

4- Accessories

Accessories are essential to pastel gothic style, as they add a unique color to a cute, darker outfit. Hair accessories are one of the common accessories of the gothic style. A bow in your hair will be fashionable and add to the contrast between cute and dark styles. Gothic necklaces , chunky or beaded bracelets , and rings are also very popular with the pastel gothic style.

5- Style

Pastel goth is a fantastic style that allows you to express your dark side in an ethereal, unique and stunning way. Gothic clothing with an inverted cross, shirts or sweaters with large, cryptic and scary quotes or bleeding fonts make an amazing Pastel goth style. The ensemble, hair and makeup possibilities are endless. So why not experiment with this pastel gothic style? We recommend visiting if you are looking to purchase pastel gothic style accessories and clothing.

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