Comment devenir un gothique

How to become a goth

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Goths have a visually striking and unique style that intrigues people. By becoming a goth, you move away from traditional fashion styles and embrace a more exciting and dramatic fashion style. If you're like the regular boy on the block, by becoming a goth you can be the work of art that evokes drama and emotion.

Gothic style is one of the styles that never goes out of style. As you look around you will see that clothing style can vary for non-goths, alternative and true goths. So how do you become a goth? We're going to tell you how to become a goth.

1- Outfits

Being a goth means having a striking, dark appearance and inspirations that range from The Matrix to Dracula and Blade. However, you should know that you are starting this because you want to be more individual, so the last thing you want is to look like a typical goth. Look for something that sways and flows; you can start with a leather jacket like the one from Matrix. Leather is a good choice in any situation, and a shorter jacket will work as well.

gothic outfit

You can also choose a black t-shirt and pants , which are loose and a little baggy. The other outfit you should consider is your shoes; they should be big black boots which on their own look more durable. Add a touch of gray and silver to it to look more detailed, so you don't have too many black blocks. Also try adding accessories on those black jeans, and you can even get away with slightly different colored items and shirts like charcoal gray, bright red, or dark blue.

gothic clothing

2- Accessories

Accessories can be creative both to create a stunning look and to dilute the black block colors, which we have already mentioned. There are different types of chains that you can use to complement your outfits. You can also opt for leather or fingerless gloves ; These are great ways to show your full allegiance to the culture and complete the look. Some goths even choose to wear necklaces , scarves, bracelets and a whole host of other accessories.

gothic accessory

3- Change your hairstyle

Dye your hair black or shave it completely, either way your look will immediately transform and make you look darker and moodier. You can also grow them longer and touch them with gel to create a more close-fitting look. However, if you want something more eye-catching and unusual, try the peaks and mohawk.

gothic hairstyle

4- Embrace body art

You can also associate body art with goths; it can be many things like tattoos and piercings. Different forms of piercing are very popular among goths, and they look remarkable and shocking. Tattooing is another great option, but you have to be careful with this type of body art. As a goth, you should go for more gothic and weird designs. However, you should ask yourself if this is something you can do when you are old.

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