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Comment devenir un modèle gothique ?

How to become a goth model?

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This seems to be the question many people have been asking themselves. Being a goth model isn't as glamorous as it seems; unlike other models, you have to be patient, motivated and ready to accept change. You need to have the right goth look, be confident and be willing to do almost anything. Goth modeling often includes acting, fancy goth dressing, outrageous makeup and the like, but the crazier the better. So, what does it take to be a goth model? Read on to find out how to become a goth model.

1- Be social

Be sociable in every way possible. You should have a social media account for your modeling and create a separate personal account on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, MySpace, Pinterest and more. Take photos of yourself or ask someone to take photos of you and post them. Reply to those who comment. Attend parties, social events, concerts, etc. Try showing up at VIP events and get to know a few celebrities on social media. It may seem difficult at first, but if you show confidence and put yourself out there, it will be a breeze.

2- Create your style

Create a unique style and look that matches your appearance, so you can stand out from the crowd. Gothic styles are known for their black clothing, dark makeup, brightly colored hair, and many accessories, like corsets and choker necklaces. Choose the right gothic clothing and accessories that flatter your face and body and choose several designs to show different aspects of your personality.

3- Embrace tattoos and piercings

Models' adoption of tattoos and piercings is another way the industry is becoming more acceptable to people with a different point of view. You can get tattoos and piercings as many times as you want for a goth model. You can get your ears, nose, lips, septum and eyebrows pierced. You can also get gauges done, which involves making a hole in your earlobe and stretching it. Tattoos and piercings won't slow down your modeling career at all; on the contrary, they will make you more unique and more recognizable.

4- Try artificial hair color

Becoming a goth model doesn't necessarily mean having an unnatural hair color, but many models do. Pastel colors like turquoise and lavender pink are popular, and you can try bright colors like blue, pink, or mix several colors. Hair can be colored at home, but it is safer to entrust the job to a professional. However, you can consider getting a goth haircut, such as short pin-up style bangs, curly and spiky hair if hair color is not your thing.

5- Verdict

There is little money in the world of goth modeling, so if you want to make it, be prepared to work very hard. Those who strive to become top achievers usually have other talents, such as performance or art, to complement their modeling work.

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