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Devenir un gothique vampire - Avez-vous la morsure pour cela

Becoming a Vampire Goth – Do you have the itch for it?

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This is the one and only must-read guide on how to become a fan-tastic vampire.

When you think of Gothic , what comes to mind? That's right, vampires . When you think of vampires , you automatically think ' gothic ', right?

The terms vampire and gothic go hand in hand, so why not combine the two!

Follow these steps and you'll learn everything you need to know to get bitten and turned into the bloodthirsty gothic vampire you want to be.

Step One: Do Your Research

Consult books, the internet, and your goth friends to learn the basics of vampire culture. Vampire- inspired goths grew from somewhere and it's important to know where.

You don't want to look like a little bat, oh no.

I have answered some very important questions that you should familiarize yourself with before becoming a Vampire Goth .

1. Where did the Goth Vampires get their inspiration from?

With a Gothic style adapted from that of Traditional and Romantic types, Vampire Gothic most likely originated from a combination of these two styles. Instead of just appreciating the beautiful nature of all things scary and dark , they take it a little deeper. Vampire Goths see the seductive nature of life and death and appreciate it too.

2. What is it?

Goth vampires love anything dark and death-related. Mainly, finding the beauty in her. A vampire is always an extremely sexy seductress who lures her victim to her doomed destiny. Vampire Goths attempt to emulate this by being seductresses in their own lives, and celebrating all the beauty of death and things that die.

Step Two: Listen to Vampire Music

It is mandatory to listen to all the classic goth bands . However, there are bands that are inspired by vampires and are meant to draw you in.

Bands like Blood Angel (Bluetengel) and The Undead bring out the dead to play with their songs about vampire subjects and all things dark and deadly.

Outside of the groups mentioned, anything involving death or sex is suitable for the genre. That's because this goth group is known for being terribly tempting and will use any powerful sexual stimulus they can.

To learn more about Bluetengel or other similar groups, click this link .

Step Three: Wear the Right Clothes

Unlike traditional goth subcultures, vampire goths welcome a drop of color . From dark purple to blood red, a little contrast with the black pieces of the uniform is welcome.
A common pairing to achieve this deadly desirable look is to place a black ruffled shirt under a fitted colored corset of some sort like this one here or to wear a sexy gothic dress .

Alternatively, this sexy all-in-one lace blouse would match any outfit, giving you that sexy edge. This would allow you to seduce whoever you want.

Step Four: Make Sure to Accessorize

As black, purple and red are the main colors to go for for any vampire goth, try to stick to them when choosing gothic jewelry such as dragon bracelets or rings.

Try opting for a choker , thick or thin, to draw attention to your neck line. There's something inherently sexual about necking and that's probably why you want to join this subculture in the first place!

This choker is perfect because it incorporates a black rose - the telltale sign of anyone like you!

Step Five: Read About Them

Many novels , especially those from the 1800s, involve bloodsuckers and many books have been adapted from them since. Old school favorites are Nosferatu and Dracula . Whatever you do, don't be a poser and read Twilight , it won't do you any favors.

Step Six: Watch Cult Classics

To find out if being a VIP is for you, it's essential to watch these iconic films:

  • Interview with the Vampire
  • The Lost Boys
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The above is just a selection of a few favorites in this community.

So watch to get bitten!

Step 7: Get a trusted accomplice

Everyone knows you'll need something to carry all your essential bloodbath items for late night trips .

This backpack is absolutely bat-tastic for carrying your belongings so your hands stay free.

Bring plenty of attention as you fly your way with this perfect little addition.

Step Eight: Have Vampiric Interests

No, that doesn't mean biting people.

However, like romantic goths , vampiric goths tend to view themselves as artistic . This means that they are very interested in cultural things like reading, painting and writing poetry.

Go out and see if these activities appeal to you. If so, you've succeeded!

Step nine: Take the bait!

If you've followed all the steps in this ' How to Become a Vampire ' guide, then you're all set and ready to go!

Many places known for hosting gothic themed events will be sure to host specific parties just for you and your dead and scared to death, not dead, friends! Remember what you like too, it's important to be yourself and not pretend for others!

Above I've highlighted all the things you need to do to transform yourself from sad girl to sexy, badass goddess.

The Antre Gothique team wishes you good luck on your six-foot-under journey (while holding plenty of garlic - naturally, of course) and don't forget your sunglasses when you're out in the sun.

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