Comment être le gothique le plus gothique de tous les temps

How to be the most goth goth ever

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Why join goth culture if you can't let people know that you are the best person in that culture? Although entering the culture may seem extreme, you are not there to attract attention but to express yourself. If you're looking for the best tips on how to become the most goth-loving goth ever, you've come to the right place. You are in the right place.

1- Only wear dark clothes

How can you be the best goth when your underwear doesn't match your goth exterior? Throw out those white underwear and replace them with black ones. Everything must be black. What about the labels on your clothes? Cut them! It can be annoying to discover that one of the labels is sticking out of the white.

2- Your favorite film should be a horror film

Are you watching Marvel's latest blockbuster? No way. You can't watch a blockbuster movie to be the super-goth. You can only watch horror movies to be the gothiest goth. Horror films do not contain monsters or gore; they reveal the hidden darkness of normal men in horrible situations.

3- Correct people on the smallest details

You need to make sure other people understand that you know more about goth culture. How to achieve this? Being able to give a lecture on feminist themes throughout the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Be prepared to read the words of The Cure the same way the romantics recite Shakespeare. Memorize every date, venue and place the Sisters of Mercy have performed.

4- Always wear elaborate clothes

Make sure you wear nice outfits, whatever the occasion. Add a bracelet and a necklace . Red hair with a hat looks good. You can wear fishnet stockings and a shirt with a tie to add character to the outfit. Cut-off tops also look great when worn with a pencil skirt and net.

5- Use Gothy names for everything

Do you have a beautiful cat? Why not call her "Sabrina"? Your birth name is "Kate" or "Lucy"; why don't you fuck them and call yourself "Acantha Briar"? You can also get plants at home and give them names like "McCarthy Dragon" and "Skull Dragon."

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