14 éléments essentiels de la mode dont vous avez besoin pour obtenir le look Steampunk

14 Fashion Essentials You Need to Get the Steampunk Look

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Do you like Steampunk style? U.S. too.

Steampunk fashion was born from the fusion of Victorian aesthetics and modern technology. This combination of new and old creates a 19th century illusion as if one has actually experienced some modern technology as one might have thought.

This alternative historical style manifests itself through specific, futuristic fashion - from punk corsets to cogs and glasses, you know, they've got it!

If you're looking to add some steam to your wardrobe, then you're in luck. Below is a list of 14 essential items we've designed to help you achieve the perfect steampunk look.

1. Full corsets

Merging the old and the new, it's super important to the steampunk style of owning a corset. Regardless of the type of corset - full, leather, underbust, whatever. It's the perfect way to add that Victorian touch to any steampunk inspired outfit.

This full corset, which also takes a few inches off the waist, will give you that authentic old-fashioned hourglass figure that all Victorian women are looking for!

2. Underbust corset

Underbusts are a sexy substitute for full-body corsets and highlight your waistline even more. The brass buckles on this one create a real steampunk feel and that's why we love it!

3. Flared Sleeve T-Shirt

To highlight a corset under the bust, you need a perfect blouse. Many Victorian women wore loose, long-sleeved blouses under their waist corsets to draw attention to their small waists. Achieve this well-known look in your own style with a cute and versatile long sleeve tee.

4. Lace-up blouse

Not really conventional, of course. However, this lace-up t-shirt is perfect for work or play. Maybe you can't do it all, or maybe you just want to have that little bit of subtle steampunk incorporated into your outfit and it's totally cool!

5. Pocket watches

Another piece of advice from the Victorians: get a pocket watch to bend time even further! Every fashionable man of the time owned one, and regardless of your gender, you should own one too. So intricate and detailed in true steampunk fashion, it's hard to resist.

6. Monocles

These round glasses are a classic accessory and can be worn on the face or head for decorative purposes. They are generally considered an alternative-looking men's clothing accessory, but they suit everyone! Monocles are an item that suggests knowledge and if you're smart, you'll get yourself a pair too.

7. Medallions

Medallions show strength and pride in what you have accomplished - whether it is service, strength, courage or loyalty. Metallic jewelry such as medals are perfectly bold to show that steampunk is not dead and that its fans are still devoted.

8. Short, puffy skirt

No steampunk wardrobe is complete without a puffy skirt - they make up the majority of steampunk fashion. Since they're so versatile, pair the one above with a white lace shirt and an underbust corset and you'll have the perfect functional and sexy steampunk outfit.

9. Long puffy skirt

A skirt like this is more strongly linked to the traditional and authentic style of women of the Victorian era. Long, flowing skirts were a sign of wealth and were worn with multiple layers. The cropped front adds a modern twist to a classic - completely reinventing it. It is this creative flair that characterizes steampunk.

10. Glasses

Remembering those worn in the past, look chic with vintage glasses to frame your face. If you want to add a little spice to your life, check out our range of rounded sunglasses with cool geometry to make you feel like a sci-fi time traveler!

11. Coat

Layers are very important for steampunk style. The best way to achieve this is with a burlap jacket! Add a touch of darkness to your look with a long black coat like this one to increase the mystery tenfold!

12. Velvet jacket

This velvet jacket instantly screams Victorian Gothic. In addition, the large silver buttons rather suggest steampunk alterations. High collars were also very fashionable at the time and remain an important element of romantic Gothic and Victorian fashion, as well as steampunk.

13. Leather boots

Large brown or black boots merge history and modernity. Strong steampunk women wear these boots to show off their power while combining them with feminine clothing elements like large skirts and petticoats.

14. Earrings

Yes, we may be in the 21st century, but that doesn't mean we can't bring back some aspects of the past! As history and science fiction have taught us...anything is possible. Help us spread this message with bold, gothic earrings made from a beautiful metal alloy with a smooth bronze, silver or gold finish.

So there you have it, Antre Gothique have chosen the best steampunk to make you travel through time faster than Doctor Who in the tardis! How did we get out of it?

If you think we missed one or want to add one yourself, leave us a comment on our social media, we'd love to hear from you!

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