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Comment transformer sa garde-robe gothique en un clin d'oeil- Antre Gothique

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How to transform your gothic wardrobe in the blink of an eye

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Goths opt for an alternative fashion style that pushes the boundaries of traditional fashion. And to do that, we're putting together a collection of gothic fashion items that we explore and play with to achieve that goal. However, we tend to get tired of this collection, especially after using everything in it. But no need to worry if you find yourself in such a situation. Here are some tips to spice up your gothic wardrobe .

Choose the right accessories

The right accessories will elevate your gothic collection anytime, anywhere. You may need to think out of the box and opt for things you haven't tried before. If you are used to using pendants and gothic earrings , it's time to try something else. Try using pins that you could add to your gloves or even your shoelaces. Also choose costume gothic jewelry . You could even go all the way with your gothic accessories and personalize them with feathers or even watch parts.

You might also want to add printed clutches and oversized earrings to the ensemble. Just make sure whatever you imagine doesn't cross the fine line between weird and insane.

Treat yourself to new shoes

Choosing new gothic shoes is a sure way to upgrade your gothic collection. They are a great way to change up an ensemble. But importantly, try a different model from what you already have - no point in having several pairs of shoes of the same type.

So when you're looking for new shoes, you want to try something different in both style and color. Dark brown boots are a great option because they pair well with black. Charcoal is another great color for gothic boots .

Now you don't have to stick to boots. There are other great shoes that could complement your gothic outfit . Whatever you buy, consider the season and the look you're trying to create.

Stay in dark colors but come out of black!

We all know that black is our signature color as a Goth . But no goth fashion manual says you must always dress in black. There are also no fashion police to stop or criticize you if you explore other colors. So while the monochromatic look is great, you could change things up a little from time to time. When shopping for fashion, try other colors like dark blue, purple, coffee, beige, and gray.

Keep simple clothes in mind

There are plenty of great gothic outfits, each one as crazy as the next. There is a time and a season for this type of clothing. If that's all you have in your wardrobe, maybe it's time to try something a lot more understated. Choose simple fashion items like goth t-shirts and regular goth pants as long as they fit you well and flatter your figure.


With all these tips you will now be able to revive your Gothic style every time you get tired of your usual outfits and you will be able to flourish in a new Gothic style by only changing one or two accessories to your usual Gothic style. Antre Gothique invites you to visit its boutique to discover all these gothic collections which range from clothing to bags to tattoos .

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