Conseils de mode gothique pour le printemps

Gothic Fashion Tips for Spring

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Spring is here ! After a dreary winter, everything usually seems bright and colorful, the flowers are in bloom, the wind is cold, but it may not be the most Goth-friendly season, and it can be tricky to dress like a gothic in spring. Not only is gothic clothing a tricky style to wear because black fabrics absorb heat, but you may also want to wear a gothic outfit that makes you feel fashionable and attractive. Here are the best goth fashion tips to ensure you're the sexiest goth this spring.

1- Add color

One of the best ways to add color to a Gothic wardrobe is to add a touch of Lolita with a frilly headpiece or a puffy skirt , or pair walking boots with a white dress with a gothic ice drama. The trick to achieving this tour de force of pastel-colored gothic ensembles is not to overdo it. For example, a black skirt with a pink T-shirt and black accessories for your spring day wear makes you look a little culturally confused.

2- Tights, long stockings and socks

Spring has started, and now it's time to show off some more legs. Stockings or socks in patterned or high-waisted tights will look amazing with most black skirts in your wardrobe. You may already know: one of the coolest patterns for tights is candy stripes. Use bows and hearts, and you can also add a pop of color with green, purple and red tights.

3- Rock Dark sunglasses and parasols

You can highlight the darkness in your heart with dark sunglasses when there is sun in the sky. Yes, gives you official permission to rock your sunglasses and those parasols. You can treat yourself to a new bat umbrella and heart-shaped sunglasses.

4- Ironically comical t-shirts

Even Goths laugh sometimes, so you are free to get some funny t-shirts . The best t-shirts are those that have a touch of black and add pop culture references into the mix. Most of Black Score's t-shirts are hand printed, allowing you to bypass the mass-produced clothing industry.

Spring is the time to splurge, with all the lambs and flowers walking around in their pretty clothes. Ruffles, ribbons, bows and a touch of pink blush complete your usual badass goth jumpsuits. Mini crowns and a small top hat add sweetness while crochet and lace gloves are perfect for spring and give you the touch of elegance and delicacy. Don't look anywhere else, in case you're walking through the cemetery and stumble upon the tea party.

5- Skull jewelry

Add remotely morbid accessories to your gothic outfit to highlight your mortality and inspire feelings of death. Skull accessories have long been symbols of different subcultures of all ages, and they are becoming more and more prevalent in gothic fashion. These are the perfect accessories for all seasons; The skull has always been the fashionable motif in jewelry, in the form of bracelets , rings and pendants .

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