Dans quel sens votre bague de tête de mort doit-il vraiment être orienté ?

Which way should your skull ring really face?

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There are many articles dedicated to topics such as which finger you should wear your ring on, how to combine it with other accessories, how to highlight it, the most suitable metal for biker jewelry like the skull engagement ring, etc. There are also a few published articles that discuss the meaning of the skull symbol within the motorcycle community. However, information regarding the location of these rings is lacking across the entire internet.

In the meantime, how you wear your biker ring determines the message you want to convey to others. Let this article fill that void and discuss skull symbolism whether your ring faces inward or outward.

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1- Face in or out

From the outset, there is no fixed way to place your ring. The majority of men wear rings to be seen clearly by onlookers, which means wearing the finger jewelry in front of other individuals. However, bikers are very different from the "majority of men", and what is accepted by civilians is not necessarily accepted by motorcycle enthusiasts. Before you put a ring on your finger, ask yourself what it means to you personally. Depending on the answer you get, wear your finger ornament either inward or outward.

skull ring

2- As a means of personal expression

If your ring is a means of personal expression, an accessory to define your individual style and the connection between the different elements of your outfit, then it must stand up to the rest. Ultimately, when you order skull rings online, they work as a proof to show how tough, fashionable and dashing you are, and hence you need to expose it to the society.

skull ring

3- Sentimental meaning

If a ring holds sentimental significance or has a clear meaning to you, it is more appropriate to wear it facing you. For example, you receive a ring as a gift from a friend, in honor of a deceased comrade or a member of your exclusive club. In this type of case, the ring is only intended for you, and the skull must therefore face you directly.

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4- As an emblem

If you are a member of a motorcycle club and wear your ring as a sort of badge, the skull should face outward. Everyone you meet should be able to identify which club you belong to. This is why you need to make sure that people will be able to easily see your ring and understand what is written and depicted on it.

gothic ring

In conclusion, if your club members are accustomed to wearing a skull engagement ring the other way around , it is entirely appropriate to wear yours like your club mates do. You must respect the customs and traditions of your club, whether it is a common way of wearing rings or the code. If for personal reasons you wish to reverse your ring or find this inconvenient, there is no harm in speaking with the club manager.

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