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Des gâteaux effrayants et parfaits pour votre mariage gothique

Gothic wedding cakes

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Despite what you see in movies and on TV, a wedding cake doesn't have to be a towering pillar of white - dark colors can be chosen for a wedding cake too! Black, brown, red, purple and other colors can be incorporated into a wedding cake with no problem, whether you start with those as the base color of icing and fondant or simply add dark decorations to your dessert.

Gothic wedding cake

A traditional white wedding cake can have dark flowers or black lace decorations with relative ease or you can go all out and have a black layer of fondant wrapped around each tier to create a stunning gothic wedding cake .

gothic white wedding cake

A- Gothic Wedding Cake Themes

The theme of a wedding is often reflected in the reception cake. Sometimes it is simply frosted in the colors chosen by the couple, while other times the cake is considered a decorative centerpiece for the entire celebration, being as elaborately designed as some of the most complex sculptures in an art museum. Depending on the happy couple's desires, a cake can be as simple or as complex as the baker (and your wallet) allows.

A gothic wedding between two bibliophiles could have a literary theme that would be perfect for a cake designed to look like stacks of classic horror novels, a cake decorated with a fondant vampire cape, or even a cake shaped like the house of Usher. A gothic wedding between two people who love theater could have a Phantom of the Opera themed cake or perhaps something Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde themed.

For some people, it may be possible to combine their gothic side with their family culture, such as a Day of the Dead themed wedding with a decorative cake. There's no limit to what can be done with your wedding cake to ensure you never forget your special day!

B- Dark and Decadent Gothic Cake Flavors

There are a few flavors that are perfect for a deliciously dark wedding cake. Chocolate is almost everyone's favorite cake flavor for a reason, so you can't go wrong with chocolate cake or chocolate frosting. Chocolate has a huge range from the creamiest milk chocolate to the darkest cocoa, making it a great way to darken or lighten your cake as you see fit. You can even opt for a slightly different take on chocolate like sea salt chocolate, spiced chocolate, or even chocolate with bacon if you want the classic flavor without completely succumbing to traditional customs.

If chocolate isn't your thing, you can always choose coffee-flavored cake and frosting instead. As dark and as rich as chocolate, coffee is a great alternative for those who don't like chocolate or don't find the idea of ​​a traditional flavor appealing.

When it comes to cake toppings, strawberry and raspberry are delicious when paired with chocolate or coffee cakes. These toppings can also be layered thickly inside the cake to give it a flowing red look, perfect if you've chosen something like Dracula or the Tale of the Heart as part of your theme. If you like the idea of ​​a bright red cake with darker accents, you can have your cake, frosting and fondant in strawberry and raspberry flavors.

C- Creative Gothic Wedding Cake Toppers

Sometimes they're sweet and sometimes they're silly, but a topper is almost always present on a traditional wedding cake. A little bride and a little groom are often used to represent the happy couple, but you don't need to use the usual toppers if they don't suit you.

You can find cake toppers in everything from penguins to dinosaurs to Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man, so explore your options and find something that truly represents you and your loved one. If you decide you don't want a topper on your cake that's totally fine too, but there are some amazing gothic wedding cake toppers that can add a little flair to the top of your cake while still representing your darker side .

If you love birds or just want to have a literary theme for your cake, you can choose from dozens of different raven themed cake toppers online. You can also choose one of the many skeletons, ghosts, vampires and zombies topping wedding cakes, almost all of which are available in straight, gay or lesbian pairs to ensure that any couple can have the gothic wedding of their dreams. There are plenty of movie-themed upgrades to choose from too, giving you the opportunity to put Beetlejuice and Lydia or Jack and Sally on top of your cake for your big day.

There are hundreds of unique ways to give your wedding cake a dark, gothic look.

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate a wedding cake?

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