Des sorts de purification simples

Simple purification spells

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Smudging rituals are just about the perfect way to clear your mind and head before casting a spell, or to simply clear away the psychic cobwebs that are preventing you from visualizing your intentions and achieving your goals. There are several ways to perform a cleansing ritual or spell, but my favorite is the ritual bath.


Purification baths are ancient rituals practiced by followers of all the ancient gods, and even today they are a restorative and effective way to banish negative energy from your life. They are an essential part of preparation for Sabbats as they can cleanse the mind, body and soul, but they are also useful additions to other means of working magick. For example, if the witch senses the presence of a spell or is working on it that may prevent her from casting her own spell, a purification bath, sometimes called "uncrossing", releases - by itself or in conjunction with other measures - the witch's spells and curses.

By infusing the water and surrounding the bath (including the atmosphere) with evocative objects and scents, meditative intentions are amplified and the experience can be very powerful. If you have a full-size bathtub, you can soak up the water with aromatics and soak your entire body in it. Alternatively, create the “bath” in a tub or large cauldron and cleanse yourself with scoops of infused water. Start at the feet and work upwards if you are looking to attract or attract favor, or at the head if you want to eliminate negativity.


Not all of these ingredients are necessary – choose a selection that appeals to you and helps you achieve your cleaning goal.

  • Epson salts
  • Dried peppermint
  • Dried spearmint
  • Lemon oil
  • Ground black pepper (banishes negative energy)
  • Jasmine buds
  • Sacred Lotus (enhances psychic illumination)
  • White sage
  • Organic Fucus
  • Calendula


Fill your bath with warm (comfortable) water and add your herbs and salts. Add a disc of charcoal to your fire pit or cauldron and add a suitable resin incense mixture. Don't add too much and make sure the room is well ventilated, as in combination with soaked steam you risk feeling overwhelmed. If you have a small room or poor ventilation, light the fire pit and remove it from the room before entering the bath. Use protective mitts as the fire pit/boiler will be hot.

Dim lighting or candle light produces the best environment for ritual baths. Any candle will do, but you can always enhance your intentions by using meaningful colored candles or candles that are ritually dressed for magick.

Surround the bath with meaningful objects, or objects that you want to soak in smoke and steam-filled air, such as crystals or other stones. Clear quartz boosts energy and helps the strength of other crystals, emerald is purifying, red jasper helps with concentration and stimulates meditation, amethyst relieves stress and relaxes the mind for meditation, and bloodstone relieves fatigue. These are all great options for surrounding your bath.

Cleanse yourself in water while manifesting your intention to purify and renew your body and mind.


Try creating a talisman afterwards with dried mistletoe or black snake root (to repel evil spirits), amethyst, clear quartz in a sachet helps to enhance the effect of the purification spell and prevent the rapid return of negative energy. Store it in a safe place nearby.

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