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Explorer les Sous-Genres de la Mode Gothique

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Exploring the Sub-Genres of Gothic Fashion: From Steampunk to Cyber ​​Goth

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Gothic fashion is much more diverse than it seems at first glance. Constantly evolving, it is enriched with various subgenres, each with its own unique style. In this article, we'll explore the different subgenres of gothic fashion in detail, provide you with specific piece recommendations, and show you how to adopt these styles to fully express your gothic personality.

Steampunk Gothic

Gothic Steampunk combines Victorian aesthetics with elements of industrial science fiction. This style is characterized by corsets , and accessories . To achieve this look, opt for leather corsets . Long skirts in velvet or lace are a must-have, complemented by stage hats .

For example, for women, a velvet corset, a long lace skirt, a top hat create a perfect outfit.

For men, a white shirt and leather pants are ideal.

Cyber ​​Gothic

Cyber ​​Gothic mixes futuristic elements with traditional Gothic aesthetics. It stands out with bright colors, synthetic materials and technological accessories. Black or fluorescent colored PVC clothing, platform boots and accessories like safety glasses and respirators are essential.

For women, a black PVC dress with neon accents, platform boots, and green synthetic hair are recommended.

For men, black cargo pants , platform boots are perfect.

Gothic Romantic

Romantic Gothic draws inspiration from Gothic literature and the Victorian era, favoring luxurious fabrics and delicate details. Dresses and long velvet coats , as well as jewelry .

For women, a black lace dress, a long velvet coat , a choker and Victorian ankle boots make an elegant outfit.

For men, a casual white ruffled shirt , fitted black pants and ankle boots are recommended.

Gothic Punk

Gothic punk is a fusion of gothic and punk styles, emphasizing ripped clothing , plaid patterns, and studded accessories . Leather jackets, ripped black pants , and accessories like spiked necklaces and black boots are a must.

Women can wear a studded leather jacket, ripped tartan skirt, fishnet tights and boots

Men can opt for ripped black pants , a band t-shirt , a leather jacket and combat boots.


Exploring the subgenres of gothic fashion provides an opportunity to discover and adopt unique styles that reflect your personality. Whether you're drawn to Steampunk, Cyber ​​Gothic, Romantic or Punk , there are specific pieces and complete sets to help you express your Gothic identity. To discover authentic gothic clothing and accessories , visit our online store and be inspired by our carefully selected collections. Transform your wardrobe and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of gothic fashion.

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