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Glamour Gothique : Adoptez le Style des Icônes Éternelles

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Gothic Glamor: Adopt the Style of Eternal Icons

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Gothic fashion has always been a bold visual manifestation of the dark and romantic soul. For those who live and breathe this unique style, some iconic figures have blazed the trail, becoming eternal icons of gothic fashion. From Siouxsie Sioux to Robert Smith , to contemporary stars like Amy Lee , these figures have defined and redefined what it means to be goth. Let's dive into the world of these icons and explore how you can incorporate their legendary style into your own wardrobe.

Siouxsie Sioux: The Queen of Gothic Punk

Siouxsie Sioux , singer of the group Siouxsie and the Banshees , is an essential icon of gothic fashion . His style is a bold mix of punk and gothic, characterized by black clothing and varied textures. Siouxsie is famous for her leather clothing, asymmetrical skirts and fishnet tops. She often wears statement necklaces , studded bracelets and platform boots. Her smoky eyes and dark lips are her trademark. To emulate Siouxsie 's style, opt for a black velvet lace dress . Add gothic jewelry like spiked necklaces and strappy leather bracelets .

Robert Smith: The Romantic Poet of the Gothic

Robert Smith , the leader of the group The Cure, is another essential icon of gothic fashion . Known for his tousled hair, bright red lipstick and all-black outfits, he popularized a style that was both melancholy and romantic. Robert Smith is easily recognizable thanks to his tousled, voluminous hair, often tinted black. He prefers loose, dark clothing, often in black, with loose shirts and pants . To adopt the Robert Smith look, choose a comfortable loose black gothic shirt and complete your outfit with black holey pants .

Amy Lee: The Contemporary Voice of Gothic

Evanescence singer Amy Lee brought a new dimension to goth fashion with her romantic and ethereal style. Her mix of corsets , tulle skirts and jewelry captures the essence of contemporary gothic. Her hairstyle is often elegant, with her hair loose or in a bun. To look like Amy Lee , opt for a gothic steampunk floral corset and a long black tulle skirt . Accessorize with vintage cross pendants and drop earrings.


The icons of gothic fashion , by Siouxsie Siou x, Robert Smith to Amy Lee , each brought their own interpretation of the Gothic style. By taking inspiration from these legends, you can create a look that reflects your own gothic identity. Explore our store today to buy gothic clothing and gothic accessories that will allow you to recreate these iconic styles and add a personal touch to your gothic wardrobe.

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