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Goth & Plaid - A powerful spring look

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Plaid is one of the most consistent fashion trends at all times. For spring, in particular, incorporating plaid into your outfits can be quite symbolic - when winter leaves and the snow melts, the world slowly returns to colorful days.

Therefore, you can also add fun colors to your wardrobe! The color combinations and multiple shapes of the check pattern are a must for the season! Whether it's a warm shirt for early spring, when it's still cold outside, or your new favorite pajamas, or both - it's up to you!


Many lovers of gothic fashion consider that plaid suits it very well. This is a great way to contrast different patterns together to achieve a trendy party look .

1- The difference between flannel and plaid

For many people, these terms go hand in hand. But is this completely correct? Fashion collections from different brands have shown us that the two go together most of the time, however, sometimes we call flannel plaid and vice versa, which is not true, in the end they are different things.

Flannel is a very soft fabric made of cotton or wool . It's warm and perfect for the first days of spring , as the weather slowly but surely warms up. Still, the winter weather hasn't completely disappeared, so it's good to be extra careful not to catch a cold before warmer days approach.

The term " plaid " refers to a pattern of intersecting stripes of different colors and shades , usually knitted or printed on a material. It can be a simple pattern with just two colors, or a more interesting pattern, incorporating multiple colors and stripe sizes.

2- G&G: the powerful mix of goth and grunge

Plaid was very popular in the '90s, and many celebrities like Alicia Silverstone and Hillary Clinton wore it multiple times during that decade. However, it was Kurt Cobain himself who brought the plaid pattern to mainstream attention in earnest.

Kurt and his band Nirvana were known for the grunge tendencies of their career. It's like they've turned fashion and everything related into it upside down - no item matched in size or texture, a jumble of mix-ups paired with ripped jeans. The word grunge was also heavily used to describe their music, which became as big as their style and saw high demand in the 90s.

Gothic fashion also saw a breakthrough around this time, and these two styles have walked hand in hand for around 30 years. Gothic is in high demand throughout the year, and grunge tends to pop up on the fashion scene from time to time. Create the perfect outfit by combining several items from both styles, for example, an oversized flannel shirt with a black mini skirt or leggings for a nice contrast. If you're feeling extra, you can also add a pair of fishnets - not a single person at the party will be able to look away from you.

3- Plaid and universal colors

The key point of the plaid is not the color, but its pattern. There are several options and mixes of throws that you can incorporate into your gothic closet. Most plaid designs come with a base of varying shades of black or gray , and sometimes it's both. This makes it easier to experiment with different outfits and choose what suits you best.

When winter fades away and you're looking for a lighter jacket, a nice thin scarf or flannel to keep you warm enough for late-night adventures. It still needs to be revealing enough to be breathable, so it's time to stock up on plaid shirts and long-sleeved shirts.

gothic and plaid

If the combination of black and white is not to your taste and you prefer to be as dark as possible, you can choose a few items from the black and gray gradients instead. Thanks to the wide variety of checkered patterns, you can get clothes where the black color predominates, or conversely, a more lively pattern with touches of black for contrast.

4- Accessories are essential.

Let's say you don't feel like wearing plaid clothes. In this case, you can always experiment and try something new by using various accessories as tools in the process of creating your perfect look.

While it's still quite cold outside, you can add a great thin scarf for decorative purposes. You can see plaid scarves on the runways of top designers quite often, and it's such a fun way to add something new to your outfit!

But remember, if you want to incorporate plaid into your wardrobe, it's not necessary to use scarves exclusively. Shoes, shirts, skirts, dresses , headbands, bags - pretty much whatever your heart desires! You can easily find most accessories in dark color combinations that suit your gothic look !

Whether you want to highlight your outfit with some checkered details or go for a completely plain look, you can't go wrong, the possibilities are endless. Use it as a bright layer over your gothic clothing for a contrasting look or go for a full plaid outfit this season.

What are your favorite combinations between plaid and gothic?

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