Guide de cadeaux pour la Saint-Valentin gothique

Gothic Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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Valentine's Day is just a few days away, which means another day of gift-giving is coming. However, there are many ways to celebrate this holiday in gothic style using human hearts and red skulls rather than the usual pink hearts and teddy bears. So how to celebrate this Valentine's Day in gothic style? Here are some original, macabre, provocative and gothic Valentine’s Day gifts!

1. Unique clothing accessories

Cloth is a common gift, but you can purchase unique gothic accessories such as a skull headdress, spiked accessories, and skull gloves , or even a Mohawk Festival hair extension for your girlfriend .

2. Tea and coffee service

Your goth girlfriend may love tea, but her classic tea set might bore her. You can give her a tea set in the shape of a skull or blood for her to use or serve her guests. You have to hope that your guests don't get bored drinking tea from skull cups.

3. Gothic toilets

Your girlfriend has gothic bed sheets, gothic dresses and jewelry , gothic home decor items, she feels goth 24/7 and is very happy with her gothic lifestyle, but she doesn't There's no goth in his toilets. Fortunately, a toilet paper holder and toilet brush will further enhance one's bathroom experience.

4. Skull Jewelry Box

Jewelry is a classic gift, and if you're buying a piece of jewelry for your girlfriend, you can buy a cute skull box at the same time. With a skull-shaped jewelry box, she can store her earrings and necklaces while she summons her demons.

5. Stereo Bass Skull Earphone

If your goth girlfriend loves listening to music, you can gift her a skull stereo earphone for added fun. This earphone brings the top-tier feel and sound to all users with adjustable haptic bass and everyday comfort.

6. Skull Flower Pot

Your goth girlfriend dresses like a witch, acts like a witch, lives like a witch, but does she know anything about the flowerpot of witchcraft. If the answer is no, she would love the skull flower pot. This pot is perfect and will surely stand out like no other.

7. Skull Modern Wall Clock

She owns tons of gothic household items, but a modern floral skull wall clock can make her house more gothic than before. This clock is definitely the best decoration for this Valentine's Day.

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