Guide Vestimentaire Gothique Vêtements gothiques pour les adolescents au cœur sombre

Gothic Clothing Guide: Gothic Clothing for Dark-Hearted Teens

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Big trends are everywhere – and we're so sick of them.

Being a teenager is the hardest part of your life when it comes to figuring out who you are. You may be rocking gothic style or trying goth fashion and clothing for the first time. Either way, we're here to help.

Take part in the revolution and give your wardrobe a new gothic and glamorous look.

You might worry about the reaction you will get to your new style of clothing. Fear not – we've designed this list to provide you with some essential elements to gradually pull you back into the realm of darkness , ultimately giving you a brilliant beginner gothic style.

If this sounds cool to you - let us make you the sexy goth girl or guy of your dreams, without scaring your parents . Take a look at the shoe essentials , women's alternative clothing and goth accessories we've chosen for goth teens below!

Cryptic Clothing

We know that your style is very important to your sense of self. Therefore, your clothing choices are essential when trying to achieve a great goth look. To help you out, we've outlined the essential clothing items you can choose when you 're revamping your wardrobe .

1. Black T-Shirts

Okay, so I know this seems like a no-brainer. It's important to get the basics right first though, before building gothic outfits.

As you probably already know, black is a basic color of the movement and should be incorporated into the outfit in some way. T-shirts are a great place to start because they're casual, inexpensive, and can be worn in many ways.

This girl can be seen wearing this oversized black occult top with knee high socks to create a simple gothic and feminine look.

2. Become clueless

No matter what type of goth you are or want to be, wearing distress clothing is very important and I'll tell you why. Life is stressful.

Show the world how you fought your way through your struggles with a few distressed essentials.

These black ripped skinny jeans can suit both girls and boys and can give you that fashion-forward look you are looking for.

3. A Lacey Sexy Something

You can't blame us for that. When we think gothic, we think seductive, unpredictable and ultimately mysterious . Why can't your style reflect that?

When you pair a lace top under a plaid shirt or velvet jacket , that's exactly what you'll be doing.

This crop top is also a beginner's corset to inspire your move into darker fashion from princess of darkness to gothic goddess !

Dark Accessories

Accessories are just as important as clothing when it comes to piecing together gothic outfit ideas .

If you're just starting out as a beginner bat, you might want to give these suggestions a try to give your natural gothic style a boost!

Whether you like skulls or spikes , gothic accessories are versatile, so I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for!

1. Skull Handbag

Everyone needs a backpack for the start of the school or university semester . What's better than that?

This bold and deadly bag is the perfect companion for any appreciator of the dead (or undead).

2. Studded Gothic Bracelet

An affirmation text for any teenager looking to become a goth ! As it is so versatile it would work as a complement to any alternative clothing look of men as well as females.

Channel your anarchic side and be rebellious with these wrist jewelry or similar gothic accessories.

3. Skull Headphones

Now when we talk about accessories, we are going to give you something different. If you're not a big fan or want to go the extra mile, add these signature headphones.

Just like your musical tastes, they are unique and reflect your new cool and spooky style !

Skull Headphones

4. A charming choker

Nothing says goth more than velvet . This silky black choker in the center shows all the beauty of dark things.

Still very delicate and pretty, this piece of jewelry has the most romantic side too and it would look amazing against your pale complexion.

Gothic shoes

Black is the base color, as we have already discovered. From chunky black heels to delicate lace boots , any of these shoe styles are perfect for young goths!

1. Essential boots

Boots come in all shapes and sizes. But no style is more important than the other.

However, here are two most common styles of gothic boots to get your creative juices flowing.

This pair of sexy lace boots is perfect for the glam goth look, so dramatic and mysterious. This is exactly what you want to achieve!

Loops, loops, loops, loops. They are really trending in the goth scene by making boots like this.

2. Punky Platforms

If you want to vamp it up and add that extra touch to your outfit, go for a bolder style on your feet with these gothic shoes below!

Made from genuine leather and reaching 4.5 inches, these stiletto heels are sexy!

Many have clean wear and loads, if not all of the items we have mentioned here. We hope this guide was helpful and inspired you to marvel at the dark side! Visit the best gothic clothing store if you need to stock up on gothic items - we've got you covered.

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