Guide Vestimentaire gothique pour Noel

Gothic Clothing Guide for Christmas

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As Christmas approaches, choosing the right outfit can be a bit of a nightmare. You don't want to look too dressy, and you shouldn't abandon your gothic style just because you want to look too formal. Gothic clothing offers many possibilities for the most demanding. We've got things you need to have the perfect gothic Christmas outfit.

1. Black T-Shirts

Getting the basics right is essential if you want to achieve a great gothic look this Christmas. As you already know, black is a basic color of the movement and should be incorporated into the outfit in one way or another. Black T-shirts are a great place to start because they are casual and can be worn in multiple ways.

2. Let yourself go

It's important to wear comfortable clothes, no matter what type of goth you are or want to be. Use a few essential simple articles to show the world how you navigated your way through your struggles. Ripped skinny jeans in jet black can suit both boys and girls and make you look fashion-forward.

3. Sexy Top or Other

When we think gothic, we think seductive and ultimately mysterious. When you match a lace top under a plaid shirt or velvet jacket, you will look attractive. The lace top can inspire your move into darker fashion to go from princess of darkness to gothic goddess.

Women's Gothic T-Shirt

4. Killer Bullet Bracelet

This statement is for everyone who wants to become a goth. It is versatile and would suit both men and women, with an alternative clothing look. Channel your anarchic side and be a rebel with gothic jewelry or similar gothic accessories.

5. Charming choker necklace

Nothing says goth more than a necklace. Most of these jewelry pieces have a silky black rose in the center, showing all the beauty in dark things. They have the most romantic side and would look amazing against a pale complexion.

Gothic choker

6. Gothic shoes

Shoes come in all shapes and sizes. No shoe style is more important than the other. There are different goth shoes to get your creative juices flowing. Stilettos are sexy if you want to vamp them up and add a little edge to your outfit. A pair of sexy lace-up boots is also perfect for the glamorous goth look, whether dramatic or mysterious.

Gothic shoe

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