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Body Harness – How to Wear It

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The body harness fashion trend is all the rage right now, and it's not hard to see why. This truly attractive accessory has recently been adopted by mainstream fashion as well. But it is essential to clarify that harnesses are, by far, an accessory often associated with gothic clothing , steampunk, fetishism and grunge fashion. In other words, body harnesses are badass!

Adding a harness to your outfit can be a great way to elevate a simple casual look. Leather harnesses, for example, are a great item to layer over t-shirts and gothic dresses . Worn under clothing it can give an element of subtle detail.

It is true that harnesses are delicate items and are not easily defined. They are not belts , they are not corsets and indisputably they are not tops . So what is it all about?

From a broader perspective, the harness is an accessory but, to complicate matters further, it can be categorized as underwear or lingerie . So, for example, if you type in a search bar "cheap gothic harnesses", the search result will likely be a mix of bondage style underwear and full body harnesses.

Since this is a relatively new trend in alternative and mainstream fashion, you might have a hard time deciding what to style these harnesses, what to pair with them, and how to wear them. So let's take a look at the body harness trend.

The different types of trendy harnesses

In this style guide, we will discuss gothic and grunge style body harnesses in detail. But it should be noted that these are not the only types of fashion harnesses. The humble body harness is a more versatile and widely accepted fashion accessory than you ever imagined.

A - Harness and suspenders for thighs and legs

This type of harness is precisely what its definition suggests: a harness or strap that is worn around the thigh. They are a top choice for women who want to draw attention away from their midsection and add an alluring detail to their lower body. It doesn't matter whether you wear your harness over jeans or under a dress or skirt , the result is pretty sexy.

B - Shoulder and arm harness

Arm harnesses are usually worn around the upper arm and are usually decorated with a chain or hammered metal. From a traditional fashion perspective, an arm harness can be categorized as jewelry. Nevertheless, anyone interested in steampunk or the various gothic subcultures knows that arm harnesses have been worn for years, often combined with buckles, chains and other elements to give a much more impressive effect than a simple bracelet.

C - Elastic harness or leather harness

The most common examples of gothic harnesses available on the market are made from leather or elastic materials. Generally speaking, leather harnesses are more casual than their elastic counterparts, often giving the impression of a group of belts, connected by buckles or rings.

Leather harnesses are a great option for using over clothing, mainly because of their rigidity. This type of harness has the appearance of a belt, which means they can be used to emphasize your shape. Corsets or waist belts can also do the same job. Apply the leather harnesses to shape loose clothing like flowy dresses, t-shirts or oversized blouses.

However, elastic harnesses are more suitable for wearing on bare skin. As they are made from elastic materials, they are much more comfortable than leather harnesses and much less bulky. This is why elastic harnesses can be worn under tight clothing, such as tight tank tops.

D - Body harness and layering

The most important thing when wearing a gothic or grunge harness is layering. Clothing that lacks shape - such as loose t-shirts, dresses and other oversized clothing - can be paired with a stiff leather harness, to add shape and emphasize the figure.

But you can go even further and try pairing a leather harness that attaches at the waist with a bodycon dress. This outfit will give your body a fantastic hourglass shape.

You can wear a body harness under your clothes and thus draw attention to the neckline and chest or completely transform a backless dress. This type of harness is often referred to as a cage bra or bralette and is a prominent example of lingerie that is entirely possible to display.

Body harnesses are capable of giving a new look and feel to your entire wardrobe. Think of them as an outfit booster that can add extra flavor to any alternative style clothing. And don't forget to pair them with jewelry to complete your rock'n'roll look.

What type of harness do you prefer? Over or under clothes?

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