Idées de décoration intérieure pour un Noël gothique

Interior Decorating Ideas for a Gothic Christmas

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Having a beautiful interior design as a Gothic this Christmas means more than having black and red furniture. There are many ways to have a gothic looking home in season. Deep colors, rich textures, unique Christmas decorations and creative Christmas decorating ideas are all elements that make Gothic Christmas decorating a striking statement. Therefore, how can you get a high-class gothic home decoration this Christmas? Here are some ideas to help you make your gothic and spooky Christmas decorations.

1. Gothic Wall Art

Gothic wall art will add a fantastic touch to any home. Think about a Gothic art wall with a picture, perhaps an art wall with a beautiful medieval portrait.

Gothic wall art
2. Gothic mirrors

Adding mirrors to your bedroom is one of the quickest ways to make your bedroom brighter this Christmas season. Frames are the most important items like photos, but you might consider getting a white or silver framed mirror for a little more color. Another good idea is to get a slightly more unusual shaped mirror, such as an oval or octagonal mirror.

gothic mirror

3. Flowers to light up the room

According to research, having plants in your home can help improve mental health and the air quality in the room. Consider red flowers like Roses, Cannas and Gazanias for gothic decor. Dead flowers are not a pleasant thing to find in the house, so be sure to take care of the flowers by placing them near your windows.

gothic flower

4. Gothic candle holders

What do you have on your dining room table? Finding a pretty candle holder is the best way to bring a little extra gothic charm to your home. Look for black with red candles to have a classic look this Christmas.

gothic candle holders

5. Gothic curtains

Curtains are one of the elements that can add style and class to your bedroom, even if you are in a place covered by blinds. Consider red velvets or dark purples as the types of curtains you'll want to place in your home.

gothic curtain

6. Gothic chandelier

The right chandelier can make all the difference in the world. Think about the type of chandelier you might find in a Gothic castle to be on the right track. It doesn't make sense when people walk into your home and discover that you've taken the student approach to your fixtures.

gothic chandelier

7. Gothic cutlery

When you're entertaining guests over this Christmas period, why not make sure your place settings match the aesthetic you've already created. Having the right type of mug, wine glasses, forks and knives will help you entertain your guest.

For an even more gothic Christmas, discover a multitude of decorative statues !

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