La mode gothique dans le Hijab

Gothic fashion in the Hijab

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The Hijab seen by the West

Let's first start with the fact that we are talking specifically about Hijab. There seems to be a lot of confusion between other cultures, with people using the terms Hijab, Burqa and Niqab interchangeably. The West essentially views this kind of veiling with discontent , because it sees it as oppression . We prefer to talk about it later (it is more than just a cultural subject of oppression, but it has other tangents that are not revealed by education).

Definition of Hijab

There are about six types of clothing that are confused with the Hijab. They are: Niqab , Burqa and Chador . There is not enough time to explain them all in detail. However, we would explain what Hijab is. "scarves worn by Muslim women . These scarves come in many designs and colors. The type most commonly worn in the West covers the head and neck but leaves the face uncovered ."

Goth Community in Hijab

We've seen one of the most vibrant communities in Hijab culture and we're here to tell you about it. We are so busy with mainstreaming the community that we forget that they have a thriving culture within themselves . It was a pleasure to see that Gothic also exists in other cultures.

We are here in general to shed light on the fact that they use hijab to enhance their gothic look and create their own statement of goth. So, if anyone reading this article is struggling to find inspiration because you wear a Hijab, we tell you that there are many creative ways to incorporate it into your daily life .

1-Black Boot

Start with these babies. They're huge in the goth community and for good reason. They make a statement and keep the spirit of Goth alive. They're an easy item on the list too.

2-Silver Accessories

You probably won't even buy this. Your mother would have a treasure. We belong to a culture where jewelry is considered favorable. Use them. Make them flex. This is the best way to do it.

4-Hijab Designer

If you want to go further, you can try the Gothic Hijab. Better yet, I knew a friend who sewed them herself. Again, it is not uncommon in our culture to learn sewing at a young age (please don't think I'm generalizing. Of course it depends on personal interest, but it doesn't It's not that rare too.)

5-Use this kajal/soorma/kohl.

Different things for different purposes, but you can do anything to create your perfect goth look . Heavy makeup for dark eyes will not essentially be frowned upon and you can use it without much parental hindrance.

We know, that's not much for someone looking to become a full-fledged fashion stylist in Hijab (We really need more people who are willing to do this). But it's a start. If you think we are wrong about something in the article (something that hurts your religious feelings), please let us know. We are here to learn about your culture and represent you adequately.

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