La mode gothique : Articles gothiques féminins que les hommes gothiques peuvent porter

Gothic Fashion: Feminine Gothic Items Gothic Men Can Wear

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A goth has the right to wear whatever he wants. There's no rule that says you can't wear a particular gothic outfit in another context and there's nothing like an outfit has to work for a specific group of people. Wearing feminine clothing can make you stand out as a man. So, take note of these five feminine goth items that masculine goths can wear.

1. Choker necklaces

A gothic necklace for men doesn't have to be a fancy design of hooks, rings, spikes and leather straps. A man can create a stunning look with a simple piece of string around his neck, a pendant and a few beads. A goth man can wear a full S&M collar if he is in that culture camp.


2. Makeup

Did you know that, until the 16th century, men wore makeup more than women? There's nothing wrong with men wearing a little black nail polish, or even a little heavy makeup. Being a woman doesn't give you any more rights than being a man, so men have the same rights to wear whatever they want on their face. Applying a little black eye shadow on your eyelids will not make you lose your masculine appearance. In fact, it will make some men look super hot and sexy.

gothic makeup for men

3. Hair beads

Hair beads aren't just for women with extra long, tangled hair or dreadlocks. Pearls can look great on the right type of man with long hair. Nowadays, there are different types of beads on the market, not limited to butterflies and bright fluorescent colors.

beard bead

4. Skirts

A man is called kilts when he wears parodies, but in the goth community a man can get away with it. As a man, you will be surprised when you put on a skirt and discover how well it looks on you. There is a wide range of different gothic kilts on sale at L'Antre Gothique, which are incredibly masculine, and quite deadly if you're planning to buy one.

gothic kilt

5. Sunglasses

Sunglasses help protect our eyes from debris, dirt and harmful UV rays and reduce eye strain when we are outdoors. Men can wear women's sunglasses as they have slight differences. Women's sunglasses typically have smaller frames or lenses, which can be ideal for men who have smaller heads.

Gothic sunglasses

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