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La mode gothique quotidienne pour la femme

Daily gothic fashion for women

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Gothic fashion begins in the early 1980s and is a mixture of different styles incorporating flams such as Punk, Cyber, Victoriana and Industrial. Gothic fashion is now worn all over the world, and it includes luxury accessories matched with dark makeup, a black skirt , blouse or sweater .

However, there is no excuse for not showing off how attractive your gothic look can be with so many different types of gothic accessories. So how do you look like a goth? Keep reading this post for ideas.

1. Makeup

Gothic makeup is easy. Adding the right kind of gothic makeup is what society might expect from you. Black, red, or even purple lipsticks are all acceptable gothic makeup if you're looking to achieve a more feminine look. Colored ribbons and lace are a great complement and match colored lipsticks. Don't neglect your nails either. You don't have to go with standard black.

gothic makeup
2. Hair accessories

Having a headband is another way to look goth. Think black bows, black roses, or something bright and red. You can also consider adding some beads to your hair to get something unique. You can find bat or skull shaped beads if you look online. Even plain silver beads can bring out your beauty in the way you want.

gothic hair accessory

3. Silverware

Your jewelry is another subtle way to show your love for gothic. You can match your dress with gothic necklaces, rings , pendants , bracelets and watches. Mix and match your outfits with different accessories. Sunglasses and clutches are also good accessories to complete your look. Visit a gothic store, and you'll often find stacks of silverware, perfect for your outfits.

gothic silverware

4. Handbag

You should also consider the handbag you are using and make sure it matches your outfit. It doesn't matter whether the bags are marked with a skull or not, try to choose bags that have a slight gothic leaning. Crushed black velvet or a beautiful deep dark red is always a great choice.

gothic handbag

5. Scarf

Adding the right type of scarf to your outfit is one way to look goth. Think black, purple and red flower designs. You can also consider brooches for an added touch. Add a simple, plain scarf for an extra unique touch.

gothic scarf

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