Le guide parfait du gothique lolita

The Perfect Guide to Gothic Lolita

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Gothic Lolita is a Japanese fashion style that imitates Victorian dolls. While the fashion is popular in Japan, it is also gaining popularity in the Western world. The Gothic Lolita is someone who strives to appear elegant, almost complete with gloves, parasols, lace, ribbons and more.

This fashion style is meant to make you look young and innocent. In this post, we are going to talk about how to dress the Gothic Lolita from head to toe.

1. Gothic Lolita Hair

Hairpieces are good if you have long hair. You can have your hair cut if you have short hair. You can use a cute little pixie with bangs. You can also curl your hair with hairpieces to give the appearance of long, sleek Victorian hair. You can also change your hairstyle with hairpieces and wigs.

2. Gothic Lolita Makeup

Makeup is a crucial aspect in Lolita, just like hairstyle. Makeup depends on your fashion style. A Gothic Lolita will often be seen with more vibrant, smoky colored eyes to add drama to the look.

3. Colors of Gothic Lolita

Colors determine the type of Gothic Lolita you want to be. Standard Lolita colors are black, red, off-white, white, baby blue, baby pink, beige, cream and most pastel shades. You can also use any color, but they must match. Experimenting with different colors is great, but choosing the precise color and theme for your Lolita style is half the fun.

4. Gothic Lolita Top

You need to wear well-tailored blouses to look like a Gothic Lolita. Dark colored blouses, with embellished darts, necklines and cuffs, are ideal. The blouse should also fit your body. Avoid baggy blouses to achieve an elegant Gothic Lolita look.

5. Gothic Lolita Skirts

Your Lolita skirt should be above the knee or just a little below the knee. The skirt should sit at your natural waist, not your hips. If you want to use culottes, choose the high waist which will cover part of your blouse. Also, make sure the patterns are consistent enough to achieve a neat appearance.

6. Gothic Lolita Socks

The socks come in three lengths: one above the knee, one below the knee and regular socks. Most Gothic Lolita wear dark stockings or other black colors that sit above the knee. For a bit of Punk Lolita style, you can try other colors.

7. Gothic Lolita Shoes

The Gothic Lolita shoe should be black, or at least dark in color. A pair of Mary-James shoes is ideal. Other shoes to consider are Victorian-style lace-up boots or gothic boots like those from New Rock.

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