Le style alternatif en pleine maturité - Comment s'habiller en alternatif

Alternative style coming of age - How to dress alternatively

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Let's define what is "alternative"

That's the only way to describe it. "Alternatives" are people who have a lot of tattoos, piercings, colored hair, who like to listen to Rock 'n' Roll, Punk or Metal, anything that sounds harsh, people who dress a little nervous. If you fit this definition, you probably started dressing "alternative" at the age of 15-16, and as you've gotten older, you've evolved and changed in different ways. Now, at the stage in your life where you're in your mid-20s or older (granted, that's not mega super old), you probably have an idea: "Should I mature a little style? Should I dress more like an adult?" But the other part tells you: “No, you can be yourself!”

alternative look

This problem is very common and a lot of people say "oh I have an office job and I don't want to dress like a super boring person".
There's a way to dress a little more adult, a little more mature, while still maintaining your individuality and looking a little "edgy." This doesn't mean we should feel obligated to grow up, though. Don't think "oh I'm 25, I have to dress like an adult". Just know that some people struggle to find their identity when they reach a certain age. They're like, "Oh, I still dress like I did when I was 15" and it's kind of a struggle. It's just a matter of knowing what balance to strike. So this article should help or inspire you to try some of these other outfits.

alternative style

A- Colored hair

Colored hair always makes a person a little more interesting. They are simply amazing and can make you look fun and exciting. And to be honest, colored hair has become so popular that it's become acceptable. You might think that it's not an alternative, but in the sense that if you go to work with colored hair, it's a little more permissible. Time has changed.

colored hair

B- Leather jacket

When it comes to dressing, you should always opt for basic items, like a leather jacket for example. If it's not snowing or freezing, a cool leather jacket will still help you stand out from the crowd. A leather jacket will always be associated with all that cool Rock 'n' Roll stuff.

leather jacket

C- Animal print

Today, animal print has become something more fashionable and common. You can go to a high-end store like H&M and everything there is animal print or visit our store Antregothique.com . But if you combine this garment with the right staples and accessories , you will always look like an "old school ROCKER". Try incorporating animal print into an outfit in some way. It can always be something like nice pants , a skirt , or shoes .

E- Group T-shirt

It's very easy to make a group t-shirt look chic. Tie it around the waist, put it in jeans so he can say about you "hey I'm smart but that's my favorite band, it's IRON MAIDEN". Group t-shirts can be worn casually.

Men's Gothic T-shirt

F- Shoes

Sneakers , converse, whatever... a pair of jeans.
If you're wearing a fancy skirt or shorts, pair it with something satin or a bodycon. This takes you from being "hey, I'm a casual snob" to being "hey, I'm also an adult who ROCKS in the office...but I still look chic."

gothic basketball

G- Accessories

You should be quite selective with your jewelry , belts and sunglasses. These elements can say a lot. You can still wear a studded belt, but don't go overboard. Regular belts that have little steel studs can say about you "hey, I wear a studded belt, but I don't overdo it, I don't look like a teenager anymore." Use different materials and textures and layer them as well.
Consider trying lace - it's quite sexy and what brings emphasis to your tattoos.

H- Conclusion

The rule to follow is as follows
Choose an element of the outfit that seems unique and bold to you, something that shows your personality, and pair it with smart conventional elements. This is how you will get the balance right and when you "go somewhere... important or to a meeting" this is how you can balance it. It's like, "Hey, I'm here, I'm ready to work, I'm ready to be smart and important and adult, but I'm still going to be myself, I'm still going to keep my margin."
People can be prejudiced about all sorts of alternative things, which is a bit of a shame... really, because the whole point of being alternative and forward-thinking and "being different" is to celebrate being to be different in yourself and in your personality.

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