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Gothic streetwear style

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The Street Goth movement has slowly become mainstream, and it is best defined as a minimal gothic style with a touch of the 90s R&B genre.

Besides the color black, goth street style consists of dark colors, with more nuanced contemporary clothing styles mixed with black leather clothing.

Rugged boots, athletic shoes, high-end designer clothing mixed with street brands, a men's skirt or leather pants are all examples of his signature styles.

Let’s dig a little deeper into this new subculture and learn how to dress like one.

1- Celebrities

The concept of street goth, also called "ghetto goth", has been seen recently by famous rappers like A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Jaden Smith and Kanye West.

Even Tyson Chandler of the New York Knicks has been seen donning this infamous style.

On and off stage, they are always seen with dark clothing and street or urban accessories.

As seen mostly in men, women can get away with it just as well.

Young Kylie Jenner is rocking the goth street style these days thanks to her boyfriend Jayden Smith who also owns a goth street clothing line, MSFTS REP, and to the

Husband Kanye West owns Yeezus, another line that carries dark ensembles.

Rihanna is now bringing ghetto goth style back to life, as she did at the iheartradio awards wearing a sheer black lace Givenchy dress, paired with Doc Martens and bantu knots

2- The Stylists

A-Rick Owens

an American fashion designer from Porterville, California is the master of street goth and has made high fashion black clothing combined with street style clothing.

B- Jeremy Scott

an American fashion designer from Kansas city, Missouri
and was famous for launching a unique collection of shoes and clothing. He usually collaborates with Adidas, and he is well known for his "winged" tops.

C- Alexander Wang

an American fashion designer and creative director of Balenciaga. He is known for his urban designs with a black concept and is praised for his great tailoring skills.

D- Raf Simons

A Belgian fashion designer and creative director of Christian Dior. He crossed street wear and haute couture by collaborating with A$AP Rocky.

3- How to dress in Street Goth Style

Designer items surely look great, but do they also look great if your pocket

suffer a lot from having collected too much moolah? For more affordable street goths
Clothing is sold on RebelsMarket to find these amazing street goth looks.

You can never go wrong with snacks. Make your look even more interesting by making sure the message it carries is memorable.

Also fun t-shirts with cool prints in colors like black or white with cryptic fonts and words with the letter A reversed. Examples of brands are VSVP. ILLEGAL, FUNERAL, MSFTS and brands like MORT.

Men's street/urban clothing can be combined with gothic clothing in the form of a leather jacket, black shirts with white fonts, long sleeves with long backs. Men can wear a skirt, or shorts, or a skirt over shorts, or a skirt over pants. Leather trousers,

black sweatpants and everything will be paired with black sneakers or boots.

Women's street/urban wear includes denim shorts, printed tank tops, hoodies, and spiked sneakers. Think outside the box and express yourself through cool goth street fashion style.

We're all for people getting weird, regardless of their personal sense of style. It's a state of mind and a look that takes courage and doesn't give a fuck. So, stand tall as you rock this trend-setting style.

Remember, Street Goth can be injected into most areas of clothing, including your formal wear. So, go out there and be ahead of the pack with Street Goth fashion.

What do you think of this new fashion? Now that the goth movement is adding a new subculture, do you think this fashion craze will evolve further and gain more recognition, or will it eventually fade away?

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