Les Différents Types de bijoux gothiques

The Different Types of Gothic Jewelry

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The Gothic subculture draws inspiration from the sinister aesthetics of medieval novels, Gothic music, and films. Goths, people who wear all black, worship death, nocturnal creatures and spirits from the other world.

The subculture emerged in the late 1970s, in the wake of the post-punk movement. The Goths took the punks' desire to shock, added a lot of vampire aesthetic and dark outlook, and in this way shaped their own legacy.

You can trace their philosophy and views through their iconic wardrobe and jewelry. Today we would like to delve into the world of gothic jewelry.


For the most part, Goths rock jewelry with distinctive symbolism made from white metals . The most widely used material for constructing Gothic jewelry is silver .

The Goths, as we have already noted, worship the forces of the night and often call themselves children of the night . Therefore, they gravitate towards everything reminiscent of darkness - pallor, gloomy skies, cold moonlight, etc. Silver , being the metal of the moon , reflects the aesthetics of this subculture in the most complete way. Gold and any other yellow metal is not acceptable to Goths as it is associated with the sun and daylight.


Gothic jewelry can also be made from all kinds of "silver substitutes" such as nickel-plated silver, steel, etc. The main thing is that the metal is white or silver .

When constructing Gothic jewelry, artisans often inlay semi-precious stones, especially garnets, rubies, agates, onyx, etc. The Goths do not attach much importance to the symbolism of stones and precious stones. The only thing that matters is how these stones will look when framed by silver metal. Therefore, they have a preference for bright but cool colors like bright green, purple, and blue . Red , although a warm shade, is probably the main accent color in Gothic because it resembles blood (and this is important given the close ties between Gothic and vampirism ).


Paradoxically, gothic jewelry for women is often decorated with white pearls. This choice is because Gothic dates back to the Middle Ages , when women wore elaborate and sophisticated necklaces and tiaras, often adorned with pearls . Some Gothic styles, like Ancient or Romantic Goths, draw inspiration from this romantic, feminine side of Gothic.

As the punk subculture has heavily affected modern goth , goths often complement their look with piercings. This trend is particularly pronounced among followers of Cyber ​​Gothic, Vampire Gothic and Steampunk.


Goths adorn their fingers with various types of rings. There is no single design for this jewelry. Gothic rings can be regular shaped, knuckle rings, full finger rings covering almost the entire finger, or claw rings. They differ from traditional rings with gothic motifs and an eye-catching design.

gtothic ring


Gothic bracelets can be any shape and size ranging from thin, delicate leather straps to massive silver chains and spiked bracelets. The appearance and design largely depends on the specific type of Gothic style. While Ancient Goths show off elegant and elaborate openwork bracelets, Fetish Goths lean toward BDSM themes with cuff bracelets and wide leather straps studded with spikes.


Neck jewelry is common among goths and male goths. From a design point of view, these products differ depending on the specific Gothic style. Basically, gothic necklaces are silver chains and black leather bracelets or their combinations complemented by gothic themed pendants.

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