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Les signes du zodiaque et leur type gothique

The signs of the zodiac and their gothic type

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We are back with the list of other zodiac signs. If your birthday falls from October to February, scroll down to check out your Goth fashion choice. If not, then go back and fix the first part of this blog. Good luck to everyone !


Hello, I hope you are having a balanced day. That's what you want, isn't it? Keep balance ? We bet your fashion sense is like you too. Most Libras dress to impress. So we suggest you try being the Nu-Goth. There is a wide variety of fashion scenes to explore and keep your interest.


Hello, Darkness. And mystery, dare we add? You like to maintain your dark aura around everyone. Also, your Goth fashion scene is definitely Vampire Goth which falls under 90s Romantic Goth but has developed into an independent fashion scene. You're cold (and we mean it!) and you know how to maintain your intimacy that makes you really hot to the rest of the zodiac as well.


Like, we're not even going to dwell too much here. You're the goth hippie of the zodiac, that's for sure. This incessant hustle because you understand that no matter what you do, in the end we all have to die anyway, which makes you the Hippie Goth. You break the rules and want to explore dark avenues physically or emotionally.


You will definitely be the stylish Goth. Sophistication means a lot to you. You have projects to win, worlds to conquer and you might as well waste all your money to maintain your reputation. Why go easy on clothes then? Your clear and clean demeanor is a perfect match for the stylish Goth who will give you the opportunity to be both whimsical and stylish.


Aquarians are the oddities of the group and for good reason. Without their keen outlook on life, we would all be afraid to try new things and sometimes make questionable decisions (no shade intended). You need a style to liven you up and still have to be the weirdo you are. What are you thinking about ? Because we constantly think of cybergoths or rivet heads. It will be magnificent, right? Let us know if you like the idea.


Hey, beautiful creatures! We have what you need. Steampunk! Why do you ask ? Because you are an artist at heart. We have known so many great pieces who are artists and who believe in creating their own path. This, my love is the best Goth place where you can mix Goth with the other genres as much as you want and bless us with your unique fashion sense.

There we are at the end of the list of zodiac sign styles gender. We hope you agree with our choices, if not, tell us why. We are always open to other perspectives. Until then, stay Goth!

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