Meilleure tenue pour un dîner gothique

Best outfit for a gothic dinner

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To go to a gothic dinner in a fancy place, you need to wear your most elegant clothes. However, several factors can influence your choice of gothic dress . Here are some interesting gothic evening outfit ideas. Read on to find out which outfit suits you best.

1. Modern Gothic Clothing

For a modern look, women should choose a short skirt and pair it with a lace top , or find a dress with spider web elements, fringe, or a layer of lace. Combat boots and heels will add to your look. For Gothic Lolita, you can wear a black sweater over a white or black blouse, or show off in a dark-colored dress with ribbon and lace details. High heel boots or high heel Mary Jane shoes and knee high socks will complete the look.

There are so many ways for men to dress gothic for a date. Go for a simple industrial look with black pants, a plain black t-shirt and black boots, or wear a more creative jacket or top with details like big buttons, chains and D-rings.

2. Victorian Gothic Clothing

Women need to invest in a few versatile and essential items to achieve an authentic Victorian outfit. A dress with a long black and purple skirt and a square collar or button front is excellent. Women can also opt for a skirt paired with a white or black shirt with a high collar, long sleeves and puffed shoulders. Choose white or black Victorian heels in leather or metal.

For men, choose a well-fitted black or white button-down shirt. Another solution is to opt for a top with free sleeves and a ruffled front, which is romantic. You can tuck your shirt with slim legs and wear either a dark buttoned waistcoat or a tasteful men's corset for the more adventurous. For shoes, a pair of dark button-up boots with a 1-2 inch heel is most authentic, but any faux leather or military-style leather boot will do.

3. Gothic accessories

Gothic accessories suit every taste. For women, Lola style mini top hat, headwear can add appeal to your look. Don't miss gothic jewelry, crosses, moons, pentagrams, necklaces, bracelets , earrings and piercings. Use a statement piece or two to draw your date's eye wherever you want it to go.

Men don't go wrong with watches and spiked necklaces. Earplugs and cleats are also classic. Gothic crosses or pentagrams on necklaces and rings allow you to show off your personality, even in a slightly formal setting.

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