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The glam goth look is a stylish take on the dark side. This look has nothing to do with glam rock, nor with a mix of glam rock and goth. She's a super feminine goth, and the definition has mostly to do with makeup. There are so many high fashion designers and celebrities who are definitely on the dark side and have contributed to the popularity of the glam goth look.

So if you're a fan of the '90s revival, chances are you already own a choker, and it's a staple of Victorian gothic. However, if you are new to the dark side, you can start with some well-chosen gothic accessories . Below are tips for adding a glamorous gothic look.

1- Clothing

Black dresses are crucial to achieve the glamorous look but make sure you don't overdo it to look adorned enough. You can opt for a black lace top matched with very chic black palazzo pants or for faux leather leggings and plain black leggings. You can wear other colors with a glamorous, gothic look, as long as the main shade is black. Purple, red and gray are also perfect accent colors to add to your outfit.

2- Makeup

An easy way to have a touch of glamor is to wear makeup. The key is to keep the makeup fairly simple with just the right amount of color on your cheeks to complement the dark color of your lips. Some of the most popular makeup looks include the classic smoky eye, defined eyebrows, cat eye makeup, false eyelashes, purple or red eye shadow.

3- Hairstyle

Changing your hairstyle is the most innocent way to make a glamorous statement. You can easily get a dazzling hairstyle without going to the bar. The hairstyle varies from simple cuts with outrageously dyed locks to hair extensions and crazy braids.

4- Accessories

Having beautiful clothes is only half the secret to creating a stunning and distinctive glamorous look. Choosing the right accessories is the key to success. Accessories can play an important role in giving your outfit an air of gothic romance. Get accessories like rings for your fingers and toes, bracelets and watches, beautiful pendants and necklaces .

5- Verdict

With so many choices in gothic clothing , there's no reason to give up the look you love. So why not embrace your dark side with beautiful designs that will stand out in a sea of ​​soft floral prints and pastel sundresses!

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