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Organiser un évènement gothique

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Organize a Gothic Event: From Fashion to Decorations

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Hosting a Gothic event , whether it's a party, a concert or a wedding, requires careful attention to detail to capture the dark and romantic essence of this unique style. From fashion to decorations to music, each element must be carefully selected to create an unforgettable ambiance. Here are some tips and ideas to make your gothic event a success.

1. Choose the Perfect Location

Atmosphere and Natural Decor

Choosing the venue is crucial to laying the foundations for your gothic event. Opt for places with ancient or mysterious architecture, like castles , mansions or disused churches . These places naturally offer a Gothic atmosphere with their stained glass windows, their ancient stones and their vast rooms.

Lighting and Atmosphere

Lighting plays a vital role in creating ambiance. Use candles , lanterns and chandeliers for soft, flickering lighting that adds a touch of mystery and romance. Dim lights and shadows also play an important role in reinforcing the gothic aesthetic.

2. Guest Outfits

Gothic Dress Codes

Invite your guests to embrace the gothic style with appropriate outfits. For women, long velvet or lace dresses are ideal. Corsets , and accessories like silver jewelry , steampunk hats and boots are perfect complements.

For men, Victorian or lace shirts, velvet jackets, fitted black pants and pointed-toe boots or shoes will make a statement. Accessories like gentleman's canes ,hats and silver jewelry add the finishing touch.

Details and Accessories

Encourage the use of dark makeup with smokey eyes, black or deep red lips, and black nails. Hairstyles can vary from straight and long to more elaborate looks with curls and gothic accessories .

3. Decorations and Atmosphere

Themes and Colors

The predominant colors in Gothic decoration are black, red , purple and silver . Use luxurious fabrics like velvet, silk and lace for tablecloths, curtains and cushions. Baroque and Victorian designs are also popular choices to reinforce the Gothic aesthetic.


Wrought iron candlesticks , antique mirrors , decorative skulls , black roses and candles are essential decorative elements. Consider incorporating natural elements like dry branches, feathers and stones to add a touch of authenticity.

Music and Sound

Music is essential to creating the perfect atmosphere. Choose playlists that include classic goth bands like The Cure, Bauhaus , and Siouxsie and the Banshees, as well as dark classical music like those by Chopin and Beethoven . For special moments, a string quartet playing gothic pieces can add an elegant and dramatic touch.

4. Activities and Entertainment

Performances and Shows

Enrich your event with live performances. Gothic dancers , singers or gothic music groups can liven up the evening. Dark poetry readings and fire shows also add a mystical dimension.

Photobooth and Souvenirs

Create a photobooth with gothic decor and props so guests can capture their looks and keep a souvenir of the event. Provide props likemasks, capes andhats for memorable photos.

Workshops and Activities

Offer gothic makeup , jewelry creation or clothing customization workshops to engage guests and immerse them even more in the gothic universe.


Hosting a gothic event requires detailed planning and careful attention to each element to create a cohesive and immersive atmosphere. By following these tips, you can be sure that your party, concert or wedding will be an unforgettable event, filled with mystery, romance and dark elegance.

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