Pourquoi la mode gothique ne mourra jamais

Why goth fashion will never die

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Since the seventies, the permutations and subculture of gothic style have continued to hold their place in the fashion world. Although the Gothic style has undergone different influences and it is difficult to pin it down to a specific aesthetic, it is the love of the undead that has been the most constant, and everything macabre and dark, with several offshoots ranging from Japanese street style.

Gothic fashion inspired the marriage of black, royal purple, red and other dark palates, which are known to add an element of mystery. Gothic fashion is the type of fashion that embraces science fiction just as much as Victorian influences. Let's look at some of the current gothic fashion trends.

1- The Health Goth

The Health Goth aesthetic has been around for a while and the community continues to expand. Health Goth is a subcultural movement that serves as a new entry point for people who would rather pump negative Type O than Taylor Swift or Maroon Five. Although Health Goth may seem strange at first glance, the idea behind wearing this head-to-toe black outfit is simple.

health goth

Many people, including Chicago-based music promoter and producer Johnny Love, are showing real interest in Health Goth. In summer 2017, he launched a line of sports bras and T-shirts that subvert with sinister effects. Health Goth has continued to evolve from a hashtag to a popular culture and style, and it is moving towards music-oriented micro-trends.

2- Goth Streetwear

Gothic style, the heavily accessorized fashion culture, is being worn on the streets more than ever. Thanks to high fashion designers, gothic fashion has been at the forefront of hip-hop culture and streetwear . Gothic style consists of dark artistic clothing design in a modern way with premium materials like leather finishing.

goth streetwear

Rappers like Asap Rocky, Drake are propelling Street Goth, and Kanye West and other celebrities have incorporated different parts of their look thanks to designers like Rick Ownes and Raf Simons. Other fashion designers are emerging like Shayne Oliver who brings a warrior and anarchist quality to this collection list.

3- Ninja goth

Make no mistake, ninja goth is different from street goth, although the look is similar when it comes to the minimalist aesthetic and monochromatic color palette. Goth Ninja sticks to cult designer brands, and they've appeared in 2009 shows like Number (N)ine and Undercover. Many other designers and brands like Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garcons are also adopting the look.

goth ninja

The gothic ninja trend includes large coats , hooded jackets , and some bizarre headwear. Some celebrities like Kylie Jenner sometimes adopt this trend to hide from the paparazzi. The gothic ninja saw a rise in women's clothing in the Adidas Y3 Spring Summer 2015 collection. As goth fashion continues to move from one style to another, only time will tell if this trend will continue to evolve.

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