Prendre soin de tous les vêtements gothiques noirs

Caring for All Black Gothic Clothing

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It's quite difficult to keep your gothic wardrobe black. The dye on black clothing is known to wear off quickly, meaning that with constant washing, the new fabric may end up fading and not being as bright in a few years. Although many clothing brands and manufacturers prefer to play it safe and label their clothing as hand wash only or dry clean, how do you solve this problem? Below are some black gothic clothing care tips to keep your wardrobe looking great.

1. Sort your laundry

By separating your black gothic clothing from clothing of other colors, you can help maintain order because, even if you wash them carefully, some of the black dye will come off. By keeping these clothes together, some of the dye will reabsorb into the current wash cycle and stain other clothes.

2. Use the correct washing machine settings

You need to think about the actual wash cycle once you've finally sorted your black clothes and loaded them into the washing machine. The cold cycle setting is best for washing black clothes because cold water does not react easily with dyes. It would help if you also did a short cycle.

3. Liquid detergent for black clothes

Liquid detergents work much better than powder detergents because the powder may not completely dissolve in cold water when doing a liquid wash. Some specialty liquid detergents make washing easier because they tend to bind to the dye in black clothing and prevent the dye from bleeding out during washing.

4. Turn your black garment inside out

This last tip applies to all fabric colors, whether black, white, red, etc. By turning the inside of your fabric inside out, you prevent the vital part of the fabric and the visible part from being exposed to the harshness of the wash cycle. Also, do not machine dry your clothes, as the dryer will be too harsh on the fabric, increasing the risk of fading. Instead, hang your clothes outside, which will help keep the overall look shiny.

5. Ironing at low temperature

Regular ironing at low temperatures is permitted, not to exceed 110 °C or 230°F. You can use steam or dry ironing. When in doubt, place a damp towel between the iron and your clothes to protect the fabric.

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