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What is gothic jewelry?

What is Gothic jewelry?

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The term "Gothic", which originally referred to the Goths, belongs to the Germanic tribe of Western Europe. Because the Italians were always unable to shake off this historical hatred of the Goths who were destroying the Roman Empire, they called the medieval artistic style "gothic", which means "gothic", i.e. " barbaric". The Gothic art style is full of mystery, gloomy and gruesome atmosphere, and it respects the dark mood of the Middle Ages.

As an art form, Gothic has a wide range of expression. It can be seen in architecture, painting, clothing, cinema and other fields.

Gothic architecture is an iconic building that integrates religion, spirit and region. It emphasizes the upward dynamic, which is mysterious and inviolable. Famous Gothic buildings include Notre Dame Cathedral, Milan Cathedral in Italy, Cologne Cathedral in Germany, Westminster Cathedral in England, and Amiens Cathedral in France.

From the 13th century to the first half of the 15th century, it was the end of the Middle Ages. During this period, the wind of Gothic architecture blew through the art of jewelry. Pointed shapes replace rounded shapes and the fineness of the lines is greatly improved. Beads were incorporated into jewelry. The tip is softened by sharp lines. Brooches, belts, rings and headdresses are the most typical jewelry accessories of this period.

1- Characteristics of gothic jewelry

Gothic jewelry is mainly embodied in a sense of rebellion, such as iron locks or studs, studded ties or necklaces, and velvet ropes tied around the neck. Gothic jewelry also has many common elements, such as bats, demons, roses, skeletons, crosses, etc. Gothic jewelry maintains the consistent dark black color of the Gothic style, with exaggerated shapes and dark tones, mostly with sharp angles.

Gothic Ring

The range of gothic jewelry includes skulls, animal heads, large gothic rings in the shape of teeth, large heavy necklaces with crosses, earrings and bracelets decorated with spikes, swords, etc. Most of these decorations emphasize the cruelty and ruthlessness of their owner, but there are also romantic jewelry.

In producing Gothic ornaments, preference is given to white gold, silver and platinum, that is to say, the so-called white metals. Probably, such love for white color is due to the fact that the shiny precious metal emphasizes the darkness and heaviness of more profitable black stones, which encrust Gothic rooms. Often, in conjunction with silver and gold, jewelers use onyx as well as other gemstones and crystals to add luminosity to the embellishment. Besides onyx, rubies and emeralds can often be seen in Gothic jewelry. Just like in the Middle Ages, coins and gemstones are often massive and even provocative.

Gothic choker

Platinum, silver, agate, etc. are all more expensive materials. If they are within your tolerance, you can own this gothic jewelry. If you want a gothic ring or a gothic pendant, but you can't have it due to its high price, then the stainless steel and cubic zirconia gothic ring can also be your choice.

gothic coffin shaped ring

2- Elements of Gothic jewelry

A- Cross

The cross element in jewelry is presented in different styles, and the Gothic cross likes to use its own dark black as the main color. The cross has a guardian meaning, and its simple shape is also loved by people.

Although the Gothic subculture uses different crosses, the most common cross in their jewelry is the Celtic cross. Its arms are equal in length, with a circle in the middle. Although it has older pagan roots, it is considered a symbol of Celtic Christianity.

B- Feathers

The crows also settled into the gloomy Gothic style with their sad wailing. The elements of crows and feathers are often used in the design of Gothic jewelry.

C- Skulls

In the Catholic religion, the skull and bones are not only a symbol of death, but also of humility. This sign is closely associated with hermits. By wearing the symbol of the skull, the hermit showed that he had resigned himself. He is ready for death to pursue him whenever it happens. He despises everything that belongs to the earthly world, including his own body.

In the modern interpretation of the Goths, the skull symbolizes a basic principle, namely memory, that is, the remembrance of death. People must live as if today is the last day of their lives.

gothic skull ring

gothic skull necklace

In the Gothic style, various shapes with strong visual impact will be used, such as skeletons, asymmetrical and mysterious totems, and other elements.

3- Conclusion

Gothic jewelry , flowing with the most ancient black blood, mysterious beauty, mixed with a little romance, spreading power silently. Advocating extreme complexity in darkness, with a strange breath, sculpting an eternal soul.

Gothic jewelry is indeed mysterious and dark, but darkness is not depravity, it can also be simple and elegant like a complacent black swan. It's not just a skull and a snake head. It also features many strange but incredible beauty collisions. He also uses other colors. Gothic jewelry is not limited to black. There are also green, red and other colors. Do you like gothic jewelry?

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