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Quel style gothique choisir ?

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Which Gothic Style Should You Choose?

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There are different types of Goths, each with their own clothing style and aesthetic. Some goths support period clothing and ambient music; while others wear unusual modern outfits and spend the night to fast-paced electronic music. So, what type of goth should you be?

Traditional Goths

These Goths were among the first to come to fruition. They started setting the scene in the 80s with the music group. This type of goth listens to punk and guitar-based music from the 80s. Their fashion is taken into account with the look of the time, marked by “Punk” – fishnets, coats and piercings, heavy makeup and massive hair .


Cyber ​​Goths are all about the future. They love bright neon colors, worship futurism and listen to dance music. Cyber ​​Goths are known for their neon dreadlocks, or masks and glasses. Ultra-bright and colorful hair extensions, neon makeup and clothes embellished with rhinestones, chains and stars.

Romantic Goths

This type of Goth focuses on the boring and beautiful things in life like dead roses, moonlit graveyards, and crows. They are known for their beautiful, elegant and lacy outfits, think corsets, frock coats and long flowing dresses. The unique color of romantic Goths is black; it is not common to see them in deep reds, blues, green, purple or orange.

Gothic Vampires

Vampire Goths are romantic Goths with vampire teeth; they have been an exciting type of goth subculture for some time. They took care of their bodies to resemble a creature of the night, gaunt and hollow. They are exceptionally inclined towards red wine, but are not very enthusiastic about garlic.

Hippie Goths

Hippie Goths are regularly vegetable or vegetarian lovers and are committed eco-warriors. They are interested in the occult world, including Celtic, Wiccan, Druid, and many other ancient religions, to name a few. These types of Goths might be particularly fond of mysterious or earthly religions like Pagan or Wicca. The usual music for this type of Goth is pagan rock and popular music.


J-Goth is also known as Gothic Lolita; a subculture that emerged from Japan. This type of Goths took the Lolita style and gave it a dark twist. It's common to see J-Goths wearing a black asymmetrical apron dress with Japanese details, which include butterflies and flowers for a girly touch. They also carry beautiful, elaborate dolls, umbrellas and stuffed animals.

Tribal Goths

Belly dance clothing characterizes Tribal Goths. These Goths came into fruition when belly dancing became widespread. Tribal Gothic mixes traditional belly dance clothing and ruffles with gothic themes. Groups known as Gothic belly dancers incorporate more tribal pants and shirts covered in faux fur, wood or bone decorations are common, as well as pendants and sandals made of bone, stone, or wood.

Now that you have all the gothic styles, which one will you choose? We advise you to visit our gothic store to get inspired and choose gothic clothing that will go perfectly with the style you have chosen.

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