Quelle est la vraie signification d'être gothique

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What is the true meaning of being goth?

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Anyone would think they know what it's like to be goth. If you ask the average person to define what a true goth is, they might just describe platform boots, merchandise, and LOTS of eyeliner. Although they can be considered famous markers of the Gothic movement, is there more to it?

Great Gothic artists like The Cure, Bauhaus, and Siouxsie Sue helped shape early Gothic fashion and aesthetics. Your cool uncle may have even thought he was the next Robert Smith in the 80s and kept the crazy bedhead look (in the name of goth - of course). Since these artists put goth on the map, there has been a boom in goth subcultures and wandering goth types around. From dark and romantic goths to light and bright pastel goths . Black clothing can tie many types of goth together, creating similarity, but there are still endless differences between them. So it can be difficult to find a single definition.

I came across the "goth scene" when I was in college. My closest friend considered herself a romantic goth and introduced me to everything she was. I was fascinated beyond belief. To me, what “goth” means is having a love for all things beautiful, dark, and Victorian. It could be art, architecture or literature. Unlike the aggressive, anarchic chaos of the punk movement, goth is a less political revolutionary movement that brings together people who have a love for all things black. Now when I say dark I don't necessarily mean killing children or worshiping Satan (unless you like that) - but more than goth is a unity of dark or mysterious subject matter like death - and appreciating beauty in her.

This appreciation of all things deep and dark is demonstrated by goths through their lifestyles and different lifestyle choices, including their beliefs, music tastes, gothic fashion choices, and hobbies. So what does it mean to be goth? Let's take a look.

Being gothic means...

Have gothic characteristics

Of course, there are no set beliefs you must have to be goth, but in general, here are some common ones. Goths can be considered lovers of all things striking and dramatic (whether it's alternative clothing or dark, bold makeup). This could explain the fascination with the supernatural, romance and tradition – all things that are dying out and in need of saving. The unique and ancient nature of the Gothic movement means that all the dark beauty of the world must be preserved.

This explains why goths love natural cycles like the life and death of natural things, lunar cycles, weather cycles, etc.

These are just a few core beliefs that all subcultures have.

Wear a gothic outfit

Since there are so many types of Gothic in the modern age, there are also many types of Gothic style to go with them! Although goths can be identified as lovers of the dark , it doesn't stop there. There is no specific color code. The birth of the pastel goth scene created a massive rise in mixing all things dark and gothic with light pastel colors (think cotton candy and kittens). This varies greatly with the traditional romantic or fetish style - both marked by sexy gothic corsets and petite latex numbers. This shows that there is a lot of variation in gothic fashion when it comes to different types of goth in subcultures.

Be part of the community

There are many ways to get involved in the goth community. The scene is based on music festivals, nightclubs and meetups, but let's talk about these big festivals in Germany - The Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Leipzig) and M'era Luna (Hildesheim). .. All types of goth are catered for and everyone is welcome!

Speak out

You might then ask yourself - what ties goths together if there are so many types? I would say the limiting factor is self-expression. Whether you're steampunk, trad, romantic or cyberpunk - they all have one thing in common. This is because you don't need to change who you are to be accepted into the group. The meaning of Gothic can therefore be described as a feeling. The fact that there are so many subtypes means that goths are happy (yes - goths can be happy) to accept that you can express your feelings however you want. There is no right or wrong goth type to join, no one is better than the other. Yes, dark things may be at the heart of it all, but it's more about freedom and community. It's less about being depressed and unhappy in a group, and more about being who you really are and finding like-minded people.

Have we discovered the true meaning of Gothic?

Yes - goth subcultures are all united by the belief that beauty can be found in all things dark and frightening to the normal person.

From a Goth culture lifestyle perspective, Goth means one thing and one thing only – family! When I find out the meaning of Gothic, I can only say that it has so many types and it can only be tied together by the "feeling" of the community. You would join a big inclusive family ! There's no right way to be goth. There are different types of music, fashion and expression, but they are all relevant for the simple fact that there is no hierarchy and only a sense of belonging. Those who are different find their way to express it and that's exactly what it means to be goth.

If you want to join the gothic movement and need some help with styling, take a look at L'antre Gothique for your gothic shoes and accessories if you like feminine gothic clothing. Don't worry if you're not though, we have an ever-growing collection of gothic clothing for men too !

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