Qu'est-ce que le style gothique moderne ?

What is modern gothic style?

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I grew up obsessed with alternative style, and looks that were outside the box. One style I've always drawn inspiration from is Gothic - such a broad term, yet so distinctive. However, now that we're in the 21st century, can gothic fashion adapt to modern life without being too conventional? Fortunately, the answer is a resounding yes!

1- Modern Gothic is cleaner than traditional Gothic.

The key element of MG styling seems to be polarity, i.e. light versus dark. He is always at the forefront of fashion and attracts attention. It has the same ghostly eeriness without being as extreme or "fringe" as goth fashion once was - and it's also more brutal in its details.

Gothic style has evolved because our world is changing, and mainstream culture has adopted many style elements that were once considered "other." Body modifications are increasingly seen as acceptable and cool, music is more accessible, and alternative style is no longer fringe. There has been significant development in the quality of the music and fashion industries, too.

If you're happy to sport the spectacular look of Robert Smith or Patricia Morrison (all eyes are on the back), then keep going! If, on the other hand, you're looking for a dark style that's more modern than traditional, perhaps my own forays into fashion over the years will help.

How to put all this into practice? Let's start with some style staples for a modern gothic style.

2- Basics of modern gothic fashion

A- Wear black

The most classic and timeless of all gothic staples, black is the color of the night, the raven and your dark soul.

B- Body modifications

It's not a necessity, but body modifications such as tattoos and piercings have always been popular with alternative subcultures, and Goths are no different.

C- Mystical/occult symbols

One thing about occult symbols is that they all have meanings, and some are linked to faith, so be aware of what you carry. Some of my favorites include the ankh symbol and pentagrams.

You can also create your own personal occult symbols to wear.

D- Ethereal/supernatural accessories

As with mystical symbols, you can take a page from the New Age movement and occult tradition. You can accessorize it with crystals, or channel your inner witch with long, flowing fabrics and hoods. Feel the other world.

E- Shoes

Particularly practical during the winter months, gothic boots are always beautiful and easy to incorporate into any outfit. You can also get vegan gothic boots and shoes if you want. The hardest part will be choosing your favorite pair!

F- Fishnet tights

Anything fishnet was especially popular among '80s Trad Goths, but they still maintain their badass look. Fishing nets, whale nets... They can be worn day or night, dressed or not.

3- Modern gothic subcultures?

Each genre has its subgenres. Here are some modern goth subcultures:

  • The Health goth
  • Bubblegoth
  • Loli Goth
  • New Age Goth...

The possibilities for finding a style that suits you are endless!

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