Signification des symboles Gothique

Meaning of Gothic symbols

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One of the current trends in the world of alternative fashion is symbols. Sticking a bunch of “dark and edgy” symbols on a dress or handbag and calling it goth . It's very good like that. Wear what you want. But what are you wearing? And what does that mean?

Here we'll look at some of the most common alternative fashion symbols and tell you what they mean .

1- Ankh

The ankh is a classic Gothic symbol . It is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph which means life.

Life for the Egyptians was a cycle. Eternal itself.

The ankh became popular in Gothic circles in part due to Anne Rice's novel, Queen of the Damned. In this novel, vampires are born in ancient Egypt, when a demon possesses a queen and creates the first vampire (it's complicated).

Another Gothic reference to the ankh is Neil Gaiman's Sandman character Death, who wears a large silver ankh around his neck.

Ankh symbol

2- Pentagram

5-pointed star
Many cultures use the five-pointed star symbol. Jews, Christians, and Mormons all use some version of the five-pointed star.

However, and this is where we must generalize, in the world of gothic fashion, it is generally the pagan and esoteric meaning of the symbol that is used.

Alestair Crowley used the symbol in his Thelemic philosophy.
Later, Anton LeVay did the same

The symbol of the pentagram (circled and called a pentacle) is also important to practitioners of Wicca, and is even an approved religious symbol at Arlington National Cemetery.

This symbol has literally dozens of meanings and often provokes strong reactions.

In the fashion world, it is now commonly associated with the witchy aesthetic.”
In Wicca, the pentacle symbolizes the five elements: fire, water, earth, air and spirit .

pentagram symbol

3- Triquetra

sometimes called the Trinity knot

This Celtic pattern can represent the Holy Trinity, the Triple Goddess, earth, sea and sky, or is sometimes simply used as a symbol of Ireland or Irish pride.

triquetra symbol

4- The Triple Moon

represents the Goddess.
Wiccan symbol.
Shows the three cycles of the moon. Wax, full and waning moon.

triple moon symbol

5- The Horned God

The horned god represents the male in Wicca, as opposed to the triple moon which represents the female.
While the female has three aspects, the male has two.
The Horned God is not the devil, and is not evil.

horned god symbol

6- Hexagram

a 6-pointed star.
Used by Muslims, Jews, Christians as well as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. (the Star of David is a hexagram).
In this particular form it was used by Alestair Crowley in his Thelema teachings where it represents the microcosm, mingling with the macrocosm. As above, so below.

hexagram symbol

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