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Top 10: Gothic Accessories

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To find what is best in him or her in his or her alternative accessories like piggy bank, belt or any other item you may need to complete your look or decoration, we are here to help you, here are our top 8 of Gothic accessories to have.

1 - Gothic Piggy Bank

Loose changes can sometimes be difficult to manage. It clutters up your pockets or purse , and if you don't have a place to keep it, it can be easy to lose sight of , too. Luckily, Moneybox-shop have a number of skull piggy banks that can be made to keep track of your change and cash while they bring a great gothic style to your decor ! Better yet, some skulls have a striking and almost frightening appearance that will serve well to keep snoopers away from the skull, as well as your currency. Virtually all of these skull banks depict a skull in some form, but most differ in that they add variations to the skull to make it much more attractive. A few are classic skulls with little touches of style, but most are brightly colored and very stylized. Some feature robotic accents to make the skull look like a machine rather than a bone, while others feature fire accents, fangs, and markings to create a more demonic and evil look.

skull shaped piggy bank

2- Gothic Gloves

Gloves are not just a fashion accessory , they have a purpose, even if, sometimes, that purpose is to perfectly complete an outfit . But at other times, gloves exist to serve other purposes: they can provide a modicum of protection for the hands in a life-and-death battle, they can add grip as needed to a sword or one-handed shield , they can hide the hands for any reason, and in a pinch, they can even be worn to keep your hands warm. But whatever you use them for, we offer a wide range of gloves for your pleasure.

gothic glove 3- Gothic Neck Warmer

What other option do you have to protect your neck from the cold other than a hoodie or scarf? Here is a polyester protective mask . It has a jaw imprint in the front around the mouth. It measures 48cm long, 23cm wide and forms a gather at the neck. Ideal for Halloween, bonfires or outdoor parties. You can also wear it when you go out clubbing or to the cinema.

4- Gothic mouse pad

Unleash all the capabilities of your gaming mouse with, gothic mouse pad. Whether you want total control, blazing speed, or a balance between the two, their soft and hard mouse pads are designed to bring out the best in every gaming style. Tested and proven by elite athletes, their mouse pad Mice also come in different sizes to suit your setup - another crucial detail for optimizing the way you play.

Gothic mouse pad

5- Gothic wolf rings

In their origins, spirit animals, or totems, served as symbolic guides for our unconscious minds toward journeys of self-discovery. The wolf totem reminds you to keep your mind alive and trust your instincts to find the path that is best for you.

gothic wolf ring 6- Gothic Harness

No cage harnesses are dark and gothic in nature. They're made of faux leather, satin, spandex, polyester, and a drop of vampire blood. Ok, scratch the last one. Whether you're a goth girl, a bondage mistress, or just a fan of Fifty Shades of Gray, you know that once you try one harness, you have to have them all! The cage harness bras we offer are versatile, dynamic and are often considered the chameleons of the lingerie world.

gothic harness

7- Gothic dragon wallet

Are you missing the finishing touch to your gothic outfit? Or do you need something to put your shoes on after a night out? have a huge selection of wallets that will allow you to keep all of your belongings safe and secure, while looking like a damn bad guy at the same time.

dragon wallet

8- Gothic Bag

Amplify your outfits and accessorize them with the best gothic bags. These gothic satchels will add a serious touch to your outfits and are perfect for everyday and special occasions. And the best part? These bags are guaranteed to be unique compared to what you can buy at any other store! Get ready for school with a gothic satchel that can hold all your everyday items, from notepads to laptops and more.

gothic bag

9- Aviator watch

Watchmaking tradition is inextricably linked to the tapestry of aviation history. Indeed, this auspicious partnership dates back to the very beginnings of human flight, when pilot's watches were already an indispensable tool during the nascent of aviation. Today, these watches are worn with pride by pilots and watch enthusiasts, as they continue the rich tradition of these early aviation watches. Whether it's an IWC, Breitling, or Sinn pilot's watch, you will find a wide range of models offered by several brands.

10 - Duvet Cover

Sleep comfortably with duvet covers for the master bedroom, guest bedroom and children's bedroom. All comforts are the most important aspects of a good night's sleep.

Gothic duvet cover

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